Colour Mirrors


What is Colour Mirrors?

CM system smallerColour Mirrors is a system of colour which uses potent and powerful coloured oils and essences to help you understand your life, your patterns of behaviour and your relationships.  Colour can bring clarity into every aspect of your life:  relationships, jobs, careers, healing, health issues, energy blocks, gifts and potential, spiritual connection and personal growth.

Each of the beautiful bottles in the Colour Mirrors range has its own meaning, its own 'note' or vibration.  As you look at the colours, you will find some that will call you, drawing you in.  Others will intrigue you and some you may not like at all!  Because you are unique, your 'mirrors' will be different to those of anyone else and what they can reveal to you will also be unique.  Each time you select a Colour Mirrors bottle it can show you clearly and with great precision who you are and where you are at, offering insight and guidance for your life.  Your individual response to each bottle reveals issues, blocks, past life patterning and hidden aspects of your psyche.  Perhaps most potent of all, however, colour is a mirror to show you the truth of the light you really are.  Colour mirrors to you your infinite beingness, your greatness and your beauty.

Colour Mirrors is the creation of Melissie Jolly, a psychologist and colour therapist with many years of experience working with and teaching about colour and a profound ability to connect in with the deeper truths of life and make them available to us. 

Click here to view a short video:  "Introduction to Colour Mirrors" with Melissie and CM teacher, Sharon King.

This potent system consists of:

*36 dual-coloured oils, including a range of planetary bottles, to en-lighten you on your path and support you as you travel
*15 chakra bottles, including the 'new' higher vibrational colours to which our chakras are evolving
*36 Gaia essences including new Gold, Platinum, Coral, Silver and Magenta rays which connect us with the “New Earth”
*39 colour essence bottles which provide instant support in any situation as reflections of our own higher guidance

How Does It Work?

Small logo for print or webColour is light and light is life.  This system, with its many hues and frequencies of colour and energy, mirrors the many facets of you.  Using it, you are assisted to shift old, outdated beliefs, patterns or habits which no longer serve you.  The coloured oils and essences are effective in helping you make changes because they have a direct effect on your energy body,  bypassing the conscious mind and assisting you to dissolve and release blocks and resistance you have been holding.  All the bottles carry a unique healing vibration which interacts with your energy field.  As you connect with, hold or bathe in the coloured oils and essences you allow their energy signature to interact with your own, bringing about subtle – and sometimes profound - changes.

"Been having some wonderful results using the bottles and sprays.   Profound things happening for people.  So grateful to be able to work in this way.   Combining it brilliantly with reflexology too.  Everyone is loving cuddling their bottles!  Their choices have also confirmed what I thought was going on with them so its giving me much more confidence too and starting to trust and use my intuition more.  The magic keeps happening." ~EN

Colour is a powerful tool to assist us in translating what we receive as energy into a tangible physical form that our bodies can understand and to which they can respond.  Our bodies love to experience energy but they love it even more when it is something they can see, smell and touch!  When our conscious mind is out of the way, our bodies, hearts and those 'higher' aspects of ourselves are able to access the potency and power of energy and to make shifts easily and with grace.  People often choose bottles and say things like:  “I don’t even know why I’m choosing this bottle, these are not the colours I’d normally go for but I just have to have it for some reason!”   As we then discuss and explore the meaning of their bottle and colour choices with them, light bulbs go on.  I’ve had all sorts of people train with me to use the bottles in their healing or therapy practices and what gets everyone is how quickly they take us to the heart of the issue, how accurate they are and how effective is the use of the bottles on every level.

"Every encounter with Colour Mirrors is a WOW moment!"  ~ JK

How Do We Use Colour Mirrors?

Colour Mirrors oils have a powerful impact, whether used in meditation, on your body or in a healing bath.  The luscious nurturing oils soak deepplatinum angel into the skin to reach your body at a cellular level, imparting their messages of love, inspiration and empowerment.  Many people find that even holding the bottles is a rich experience.

Colour Mirrors essences bring instant support, whether you spritz them around your body and aura, use some in a bath and soak in their loving energy, or use to enhance meditation.  Spray into your hands and breathe in the beautiful scents to make your experience a multi-sensory one. 

The oils and essences are not just useful and supportive, however, they are also high frequency vibrational energy tools to support us in our shift to expanded levels of awareness and higher consciousness.

As a therapist or practitioner, colour brings many benefits.  It can be added to any other form of healing or therapy work and not only acts swiftly to identify issues or blocks but also provides an additional and powerful tool to assist your clients to overcome those blocks.  Using the system, whether through readings, healing or bathing in the beautiful coloured oils and essences you are assisted to shift what does not serve you and to reconnect with your own highest truth.

"Transformational, thank you so much.  Moved me to a new dimension." ~ CF

One Colour Mirrors practitioner describes the bottles as “emotional scaffolding”!  They certainly do provide amazing support as well as being incredibly useful in identifying what is going on in your life.  One of my clients commented that the bottles are aptly named as they really do provide such a clear mirror:  “There is no hiding before the truth.  Readings with the bottles are so precise that they leave me in inmense awe.”

Colour in Your Life

There are endless ways to connect with the Colour Mirrors bottles.  I personally use the oils and essences every day; they are an intrinsic part of my life!  Do I 'need' them?  No.  Do I find them incredibly beneficial, useful and hugely enjoyable to have around?  Yes!  At times such as these when everything around us - including the very earth we stand upon - is changing every day, when we are bombarded with solar flares and cosmic downloads of energy, when we are undergoing shifts, changes and upgrades to our energy circuits on an ongoing basis, the Colour Mirrors bottles are instant, powerful support for the physical body.  They also allow for easy integration of all that is occuring on an energy level.

botrow 2I have a range of essences on my desk as I write, more by my bed, still more in other rooms to use as I feel drawn to them or to spray around the house, even in the garden.  I have at least one oil on the go most of the time, using it after a shower as a body oil or bathing in either a part or full bottle as my body requests.  I'll sometimes just sit with a collection of bottles, arranging them and rearranging them into a shape, mandala or pattern, adding or taking bottles away, playing with shape and formation until something clicks into place within me.  My conscious mind doesn't even need to know what is happening - the more it is out of the way the better in fact!  What often happens is that my energy shifts, I will experience a resolution or a sense of peace or calm or sometimes I feel energy being transmitted to me to receive.  There really is no end to the gifts I receive from this beautiful system and it is one of the main reasons I love to share it.

Colour Wisdom

I'll often use bottles in conjunction with questions, especially with clients or in workshops.  Asking a question and then choosing a bottle to give insight and understanding about the question is an empowering, inspiring - and fun - way to receive guidance from your own higher levels of consciousness.  It is one of the great gifts of Colour Mirrors - that it empowers you to know what you already know!  It is not about anyone else telling you the answer or about seeking wisdom from outside of yourself.  Every bottle is simply a mirror what is already within you and by allowing yourself to select from these mirrors you reveal to yourself more and more of who you are.

You could ask a question such as:  "What would my life look like if ...." or "What would I choose if I knew I couldn't make a wrong choice in my life?" and then see which of the bottles calls to you (there may be more than one, and that is fine!).  By reading the message of the bottle, you will invariably get an 'aha'! moment or insight to guide you on your way.

"It always amazes me how seamless it is on CM courses, how the bottles appear one after the next, and readings or healings one after the next and they always seem to flow deeper and or lighter into the same issues until cleared." ~DE

Books and Resources about Colour Mirrors

We are gradually building up a body of information about Colour Mirrors in written form.  Melissie and I have finished writing "The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors" which is an in-depth exploration of every bottle in the system - all 87 oils and 38 essences!  We hope to have it produced by the end of 2018.

You can watch a short video below in which I introduce the book and read an excerpt from it about bottle 14, Movement:

Video Excerpt from New Book

In 2009 I wrote The Language of Light: Golden Keys to Ascension about the Golden Gaia oils.  This was a profound journey for me into an entirely new way of being based on freedom, joy and flow.  If you engage with this book it has the capacity to transmit powerful impulses of light that can shift your view of the world and bring you greater peace, joy and awareness.

A Book of Platinum Light e-book is also available.  The next part of the journey, after The Language of Light, this book can also be enjoyed just for its own beauty and potency.  It is a cosmic transmission of energy!

C8Bottle 15In 2013 Melissie and I produced a comprehensive guide to colour combinations, Colour Conversations, which will support and assist colour practitioners and indeed anyone with a love for Colour Mirrors who simply wished to know more.  This e-book takes our understanding of colour to another level.  This book has been several years in the making, with significant input from Melissie.  You can find out more about it and purchase your own copy here.

Melissie and I ran some exciting webinar series a few years back, which are available to purchase so that you can listen to them as often as you wish, gaining more insight and understanding of both Colour Mirrors, and your life!

"I now use colour with Matrix Reimprinting and it shifts so quickly... phenomenal.  I now am having healers coming to me and they're saying "Wow this is fantastic" and spreading the word.  I've been waiting for this, seems like for ever." ~JS

"It was amazing... I feel such a deep sense of peace that I've never felt before... such a fantastic workshop with beautiful people and the incredible and powerful Colour Mirrors magic. Thank you Korani for sharing that with us." ~ SK

"Many many thanks for a truly amazing experience. I went into the process with no expectations or ideas, just with a completely open mind and heart, and WOW it blew me away.  I would recommend it to anybody." ~ KP

Colour Mirrors Bottles

Dolphin-320x270If you'd like to enhance your life through colour we have a vast and beautiful range of oils and essences available to purchase.

Anyone can work with these tools for growth and transformation. You do not need to have taken a workshop or had a session to benefit from them.

Visit Colour Mirrors Bottles to view the full range of oils and essences and Shop to purchase

"Feel that things are shifting,  but then they usually do for me as I am constantly working on myself.  The difference with the oils is that it's like "emotional scaffolding" while the stuff is pushing out and also high vibration and very powerful. I love them!"  ~ PE

Colour Mirrors Workshops and Practitioner Training

2017 practitioner courseIf you would like to explore the amazing power of colour and Colour Mirrors, I offer training at every level from introductory to teachers. 

Here is a summary of what is covered in the introductory workshops, "Expansion Through Colour" and in-depth practitioner training:

The introductory Expansion Through Colour workshops are exciting, inspiring courses held over two days, for your own growth, healing and expansion.  They are powerful opportunities to release limitations, discover new possibilities for your life and explore how colour can guide and assist you in so many ways on your journey.  Immerse yourself in colour through practical exercises, meditations, readings and chakra balancing - and so much more..

The Practitioner Training Programme facilitates your own healing and evolution while you learn about the properties of colour and how to work with the magical Colour Mirrors bottles so that you can set up as a practitioner or add colour to an existing practice.

"A huge thank you once again for such a fabulous weekend. The courses always attract an amazing group of people and the power of the bottles is beyond words." ~EN

In Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training you are offered the opportunity to:

*Study and explore the language of colour, how it heals and what it reveals to us
*Visit each colour on the colour wheel and gain an in-depth understanding of its messages, energy and uses
*Connect with and experience the power of the full range of coloured oils and essences which make up the Colour Mirrors system
*Discover the many ways colour can complement any existing therapies you may be working with
*Get support and advice on setting up as a Colour Practitioner
*Learn how to interpret the coloured bottles to give insightful readings in a variety of forms
*Explore your own unique connection with colour and how you work with it best
*Learn various exciting ways to use colour for healing, growth and spiritual advancement
*Learn, grow, evolve and enjoy, while expanding your own Divine consciousness and awareness

"Thank you for such an amazing course... superbly put together and allowing for individual style, depth of learning and experience." ~JA

"The Colour Mirrors course with Korani was an amazing experience and just confirmed how powerful and astoundingly accurate the Colour Mirrors are!  Colour Mirrors has put me on my path and given support, guidance and reassurance in all aspects of my life. I feel hugely grateful and humbled." ~MH

It's almost impossible to express how grateful I feel for the experience and opportunity to have spent that time in that space with you and everyone else learning and experiencing the amazing CM system.   I couldn't have a better teacher and now I do feel that I am really understanding the language of colour.

Thank you for an amazing gift! I feel as though my soul and the divine light has reconnected to my physical body and I've certainly come back home with a sense of peace and love in my heart. ~KJ

Thank you so much for everything over the past 4 days.  It’s been an incredible experience on so many levels. ~AB

I have no words to express the gratitude I feel in sharing these experiences with you all in the safe hands of the amazing Korani Connolly. What a blessing. ~LM

Advanced Colour - "Colour Conversations"

This course is a favourite among Colour Mirrors students and one I love to share, having delved for many years in this field and experienced for myself the huge possibilities it brings.  It is open to those who have undertaken at least foundation level courses in Colour Mirrors and has been designed to let you experience the awesome power of colour combinations. If you have ever wondered what particular combinations of colour mean, or why you feel so drawn to certain colours together, this course will take you inside 'your' colour combinations and give you a deep insight and understanding of how colours work together.  There are hundreds of potential colour combinations that open up new layers of information to support us in our work and to guide us into living our own true colours.

This workshop will give you experiential knowledge and insight into the power of the combinations, including releasing past memories and patterning, and opening you to transformation and new possibilities. To me, combinations are 'where it's at'!  There is so much available to us as we connect with and explore the relationships between colours.  I have written an e-book which explores the vast possibilities within colour combinations and you can find out more about it here.

"We thoroughly enjoyed hosting your course and the coming together of all the beautiful souls to share in the experience.  I'm sure it's just the beginning of an amazing journey and can't wait to connect deeper.  I feel like I've stepped into a new dimension with portals back and forth into several different realities, and huge shifts in perception and perspective.  I have set the bottles out in my study in a random order and I'm enjoying moving, playing and conversing with them in a much more creative/fluid way.   Thank you so much for opening up a new way of seeing and working with them." ~LA

"The Colour Combinations weekend has been the most freeing experience...beyond imaginable. It has transformed my relationship with the bottles and essences and the way I work with them. I learnt how they are so light in energy and have so much expression between them. They dance, they sing, they speak infinite conversations that heal ones soul. Each time becomes a journey of discovery that I didn't dream was possible...or available.  The transforming of that which feels dark, is unlocked within the warm blanket of the bottle energy and is beautifully rebirthed into that which releases pain, hurt and fears and leaves behind such wisdom with which to carry us forward. It feels so light and my life experiences have accelerated enormously since.   Korani, you have such a clear, transcended energy space in which you teach, that everything we clear and everything we learn is not only effortless, it is total joy, and now I have renamed my CM Practitioner work as simply play, always,  Thank you so much." ~SW

Colour Mirrors Teacher Training

This is a 4-5 day intensive training course for those who are ready to reach the next level with colour. After taking this training you will be qualified to teach Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training workshops, but just as importantly, you will have reached a whole new level of connection to colour and the power and beauty of the Colour Mirrors system. You will discover more of who you truly are and expand your abilities and your light. A truly life-enhancing experience for those who feel called to spread the light of colour out into the world.

Contact me to discuss.

Visit the Colour Mirrors website for further information: