The Language of Light

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The Language of Light: Golden Keys to Ascension is a template, a blueprint for living your light right here on the planet.  It contains energetic passwords to a life of joy and inspiration - if you're willing to discover them and live them.  It is a path to inspiration, joy, compassion and most of all, ease.

It is a transmission of Divine energy carried to you on the frequency of love. This book will guide and assist you in remembering the Language of Light, the long-forgotten language of your soul and will reconnect you with its message, that you are Divine, whole and perfect - and have always  been so.

In addition you will be introduced to seven Golden Keys, potentised golden oils infused with light, which align perfectly with the energy transmissions of the book.

Together, the Language of Light and the seven Golden Keys form an Ascension “power pack”. Take a journey to authenticity, freedom and light; to wholeness, oneness and joy. Welcome to the ride of your life!

The Language of Light and the Golden Keys are powerful tools to:

  • heighten your perception of the divinity and creative force within all life
  • open your awareness to a greater, higher, more expansive perspective of yourself and all that is
  • unlock knowledge and wisdom that has been lying dormant within you
  • offer you practical and energetic support in raising your vibrational frequency
  • recalibrate your energy fields to hold more light
  • assist you in finding your unique expression in the world
  • facilitate paradigm shifts in your thinking and awareness
  • bring you into greater alignment with your own Divine truth
  • offer you golden threads from which to weave the unique tapestry of your own Ascension journey

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Golden Gaia Oils

The book connects you with seven "Golden Keys" which form an Ascension “power pack”, taking you on a journey of awareness and awakening as you connect with them.  The Golden Keys are:  Faith, Impeccability, Generosity, I Am, Grace, Ascension Light and Satori, which are also the names of the seven Golden Gaia oils (G9-G15) from Colour Mirrors which link closely with the Golden Keys we explore in the book.  If you wish to add these Golden oils to the process of transformation offered by the book, you can view or purchase these bottles here.

Find out more about the Golden Gaia range of oils and other New Earth Energies.

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G10.  Impeccability:  The Second Golden Key

In the link below you can watch a video where I discuss the second 'key' to inspired living, Impeccability and the bottle it relates to, G10.  In the video I read several short excerpts from the book.

What you are saying:

Thanks so much for your feedback!  Here is just some of it:

"I'm reading The Language of Light and certain sentences so resonate and bring me instantly back to my Self and I feel an outpouring of love to you and everyone and everything around me.  Thank you for doing this work. Your transmissions touch me deeply." ~ AD

"Just keep being blown away by the synchronicity and healing power of your book! Thank you again dear soul – your wisdom and connection is far-reaching indeed!  Thanks for being part of what has been a very important healing process in my life." ~WB

"I am truly so loving this golden journey and again, Language of Light... just so wow." ~LM

"We've been reading your book - awesome!  I've been reading aloud to (my partner) and there's so much light pouring through every word." ~ST

"I’m getting an amazing amount from your book, it’s a sheer joy to be around and I’m very grateful it exists.  Your book is so ‘alive’.  It communicates on so many levels not just the words.  I knew it carried an ‘energetic signature’ etc, but Wow!!!"  ~ AG

"I am LOVING, savouring every exquisitely woven word in your book." ~ AM

"I am being blown away... You are such a messenger and a gifted writer as well.  Thank you." ~WB

"Your Golden Ascension book single handedly changed my life." ~SW

"I just want to say that I am loving your book. Your writing is just beautiful - it's like you take me by the hand and take me to a higher consciousness - not many writers take me there - you are definitely one of them." ~ JK

"Korani, you are truly a wordsmith of gold. I love reading your book, silently and aloud. So glad I have two copies so I can lend one and always keep one." ~AG

"The Language of Light - Golden Keys to Ascension book is a little golden Light-filled powerhouse of energy and love - just like its author! This is a book that will challenge you and empower you for the better - read it if you want to discover who you really are, that is Divine, emboldened and enGOLDened beings of light and love. Take it slowly and savour each Key. Enjoy the journey. Each time that you read the book and/or do the Golden Keys course, you will be renewed, refreshed and will gain new insights and information at a much deeper level than the previous time." ~ KH

"I have been enjoying your book and have been connecting to the vibrations each week - your words are beautiful, insightful and inspirational." ~ MG

"I am reading your book at the moment and it's wonderful; delightfully written and sublimely expressed. It leaves me in an absolute awe. I can feel the energy through and within the words and sentences!  What a gift!  Congratulations!" ~ MH

"I can feel the joy coming through your words as I read." ~ PT

"I am loving your writing, flows so effortlessly, is a really good read and great as a template for following through with the bottles.  I feel compelled to go through them all..." ~SC

"The journey with the Golden Keys to Ascension bottles - I can really see now how other people say this is a life-changing journey. It is." ~ MV

"I have felt the energy that comes from reading even a passage of the words in the book, I have felt stuff just fly off me and feel so much more positive and energised. I also find it amazing when I just open a page at random and see what message I have for me when I feel like opening the book." ~ LB

"I really enjoyed your book, The Language of Light, which I read within a few days. The way in which the book was written by you I found so accessible and you have a great talent for telling a lot of information in such a way that everyone can understand. The description on each and every bottle, its meaning and the colours were really excellent. My compliments." ~ JK

"I am amazed the words you used in your book, The Golden Keys to Ascension. It has been the most amazing reading." ~TK

" Wow, what a book, thank you - nothing has spoken to me as loudly and clearly as this and is just what I need right now." HM