A Book of Platinum Light

"A Book of Platinum LightPlatinum Light e-book cover small" contains seven Platinum Portals, each of which serves as a gateway, opening and expanding you into greater awareness so that you might access more of the Divine being you truly are.  It is a "small" book with a "big" energy!

Each Portal carries a particular vibration that facilitates you in awakening to the vastness of you.  The more you allow yourself to receive these vibrations the more you will be able to access within yourself the qualities they transmit.

This book invites you to open to the greater you.  It shares with you the possibilities available when you cease to define and limit yourself and instead acknowledge the infinite beauty and wonder of who you really are.

The seven Platinum Portals are inspired by and closely linked to the seven Platinum Gaia oils from the Colour Mirrors system.  They're part of what I call the "New Earth" energies - guides and lights to show us the way to a new reality on this planet.  Each Portal is a 'download' of light - platinum light - and offers a specific transmission, carried in the words of the book.

G19This e-book is short yet potent.  One reader described it as a "shot" of light!  Rather than lengthy explanations and detailed descriptions of what each Platinum Portal is about, here you are offered an experience; a ride into cosmic frequencies which guide you to remember your own platinum light. 

Platinum is an energy to receive, to allow, to soak and bathe yourself in.  Through this e-book you will come to discover your own connection with its cosmic emanations.  The Platinum Portals and the corresponding Platinum Gaia oils, if we allow them, can enable what is dense to become light, what is stuck to become fluid and what is restricted to dissolve into unlimited expanse. 

In this e-book, through the brief yet light-fueled words of each Portal, there will be particular frequencies which touch you at a cellular level as you read.  Your head may not understand exactly what is happening, but if you open to the "infinite" you, you will find that you know anyway - with your heart, with your soul, with your body.  Allow it all.  Let Platinum Light be a catalyst to your awakening to the truth and vastness of who you are.

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Listen to a free audio recording of the first Platinum Portal on the Free Resources page.

Watch a video where I offer you an energy transmission in the form of the fifth Platinum Portal:  G20, Abode of Bliss:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwLL8Gg6TqM&t=2s

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“You are a "Master Weaver” allowing hope and inspiration for all to share.”

“This is an opportunity to experience light in its purest form; a direct transmission."

“Your words are out there with the highest available on the planet at the moment."

"When I was reading a transmission I picked randomly from A Book of Platinum Light I felt such an outpouring of love emanating from me. Love was literally gushing from my Being and the force then was unstoppable leaving me sitting on my bed with my eyes and mouth wide open and my hands stretched outwards in ecstasy. That is an unforgettable experience."

"Wow Korani, what an amazing book/transmission A Book of Platinum Light is! I felt my body resonating as I read. Such a high frequency and vibration! Wow, it's so incredible and beautifully written, thank you so very much!! You have excelled yourself with this!! Wow!! It kind of sent me out! Lol. I'll re-read it again today, and enjoy its amazing deliciousness!! The book is so flowing with creativity, and sparkling totally with amazing Platinum Light! Thank you so much!! We all owe a great debt to you."