New Earth Energies

Gold, Platinum, Coral, Silver, Magenta - The New Earth Frequencies

Yellow, blue and red are the traditional primary colours - the colours from which all other colours are made. Primary colours are like the building blocks of the entire colour spectrum. They create the platform from which all other colours arise. They are the foundation stones of our relationship with colour. Perhaps they are in fact the building blocks of life, containing everything. Perhaps they are part of the coding of our DNA, our genetic memory.

As the Earth shifts into a higher dimensional reality and humaity follows, our relationship with colour begins to change. The first three bottles of the Colour Mirrors system were yellow, blue and rich coral. Years later, we have been given pale gold, platinum, a soft pale coral, silver and magenta as our new Gaia (Earth) energies. These are the finer, higher, "enlightened" versions of the building blocks.

These gold, platinum, coral, silver and magenta Gaia energies are the frequencies of the "New Earth" - high vibration, powerful energies that are beautiful and luminescent. Their role is to help us awaken to greater levels of conscious awareness so that we might function as awakened beings upon an awakened planet, a planet of peaceful co-creation, co-operation, unity, oneness and joy. These bottles are our 'awakeners' as we are in the greatest shift ever known on the planet.

Golden Gaias

Sit and take in what you are seeing for a moment.....Allow the golden light from the image below to connect with you. What you see here is a potent Ascension power pack to assist us in the shift into the golden era on Earth. Let the energy of these Golden Gaia bottles resonate and reverberate in your being. Notice where your eyes are drawn to, which colours call you...

  LR Line of 7

The Earth is changing - our hearts tell us so, our bodies know it, our souls have always known it. She is moving into a higher frequency where more light, more love, more joy is available to us all.

Colour Mirrors has a powerful range of Gaia bottles - starting with Copper and moving into the higher frequency light of gold, platinum, coral, silver and magenta, mirroring the Earth's transition into a higher dimensional frequency.

Golden Keys

It all began with seven "Golden Keys". These are Earth energies - Gaia energies - and yet they are not the old energy of the Earth. These bottles of gold form a Divine, high-vibration set to guide and assist us on a fast-track journey to that which we call Ascension or Awakening: the return path to love and the Divine light within all of us, and a very new way of being on the Earth - the golden Earth. Each of the seven bottles represents a step on the golden pathway to living in your authentic power and joy right here to Earth. Together they present us with seven Golden Keys on our awakening journey. Each Key is a potent reminder of who we are, each bottle a tangible presence to help us remember the truth of our divinity.

The Golden Keys are tools to help re-empower us, bringing us into alignment with our own highest truth and light so that we can live that light in our everyday lives. They guide us toward finding our own truth and learning to live from that truth. As we journey deeper into the heart of the Golden Keys - and ourselves - we are shown practical and inspiring ways of living life on the New Earth.

The Golden Gaia bottles are available here

A Return to Love

A life based on love and joy is our natural state of being. Our souls know that being true to ourselves, living without fear and opening to our full potential are the keys to a life of fulfilment, expansion and upliftment. For many, however, life may have become clouded with fear, pain and trauma, creating the illusion that we seem to have no power to change our lives. The process of getting back to our true state is identified by many different names: enlightenment, self-realisation, ascension, bringing heaven to earth – whatever the name, they all mean returning to a state of love by remembering who we really are and that we have power to change anything.

The Language of Light

The Golden Keys are a download of pure Divine energy. They re-awaken within us the language of our soul - the language of light. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside Melissie Jolly, the creator of the Colour Mirrors system, and to have written a book, The Language of Light, an energetic transmission of Light that accompanies and enhances the set.

The Language of Light is available from most large online bookstores worldwide.

Platinum Gaias

A year or so after the Golden Keys came the Platinum Gaias, beautiful complementaries to the Golds. For example, G9 (Faith), the first of the Golden Gaias, is turquoise and gold and its complementary G16 (Serenity) is coral and platinum. The Gold and Platinum bottles not only complement each other in colour but also in vibration and the information they bring, each supporting and enhancing the other.

Platinum Gaias smaller
The Platinum Gaias remind us of our vastness and show us that we can be cosmic, galactic light, right here on Earth. They take us to a more expanded place than we have been before so that we can move beyond our limitations.

Here is what Melissie says about the Platinum Ray:

“The purity of the platinum draws up what is heavy and shifts it without fuss. Platinum reflects its beauty through whatever we put with it - that's its main job. It is the Zero state. When we are in it we can only see perfection. If we are "there" nothing we see is not part of that and so all becomes beauty/perfection/love because that is all that exists."

The Platinum Gaia bottles are 'enablers'. They make what was not so easy before somehow possible. And they do it swiftly and with grace and assist us in releasing resistance.  Platinum takes us into our vastness, restores us to a higher view, reconnects us with our Divine essence.

I have created a short e-book to give you an experience of the Platinum Gaia energies which you can read about here.

You can also experience Bottle G20, Abode of Bliss, in this short video in which I read from the e-book and you receive an 'energy transmission' through the words.

Abode of Bliss

Coral Gaias

In 2011, five Coral Gaia bottles were added. These take our expanded high frequency energies of gold and platinum and bring them firmly down to Earth, to land in our bodies - the only place from which we can truly fully live our vastness. These five coral Gaias end on a bottle that is not coral at all, but Diamond Light. This is where we get to encompass everything that we are and gather it together into Unity, oneness.

The Coral Gaias offer a deep, powerful support with a light, loving touch. They say: "The time has come. What are we waiting for? Why are we waiting to live heaven on earth when it is already within?"

Coral gaias

From Melissie Jolly:

"The Coral Gaias form the fourth level of Gaia bottles. We began with copper which mirrored the brown earth we found ourselves on. As our relationship with the earth developed we came to the last Copper Gaia bottle which reflected the truth that the light was within and it was all part of the Divine. We could then receive the promise of the Golden Gaias and the vision of a new earth. The Platinum Gaias came next and showed us the bigger cosmic picture, and now we have the Coral Gaias and their message is to being all that golden and cosmic promise home and live it in our bodies.

And here lies the rub. Are we able to live God in a body fully? Can we be Christed humans on all levels and if not, what is stopping us from being all of that? These Coral bottles hold the answers to all those questions and with the answers we surely will activate our ability to fly again, because as Divine Humans that is our birthright."

Silver Gaias - The Homecoming

With silver, we truly begin the process of transmuting the body into its new light, its new DNA, its new potential. We are propelled forward to a new era. The Silver Gaias tell us: It is time!  

Silver is both crystalline and of the earth, and completely aligned with moon and stars. It is also both a transmitter and receiver and opens the way for communication on a scale of which we have not yet conceived. It re-awakens our star connections and reminds us that we have a whole level of support from our star families to call upon as we make our Ascension journey.

Book Silver Gaias
With 6 Silver Gaia bottles, we have 12 fractions, each one representing a strand of the 12-strand DNA that is being activated within us at this time as we more fully embody the Divine truth of who we are when we are not playing at being limited versions of ourselves. The Silver Gaias are the homecoming we have longed for. They guide us home to our star, but more importantly, they bring us home to ourselves, to the light within.

The Silver Gaias take us into the quantum fields where all is pure light. They show us how to live on the new Golden Earth as awakened, ascended beings, fulfilling our light. They are exquisite in their simplicity and bring extraordinary levels of peace. They take us out into the galaxies and bring knowledge, insight and wisdom from far beyond our perceived limitations; but they also assist us to embody our light within us so that we walk it around the earth and breathe it out into the atmosphere and emanate it as we be it.

You can find out more about the Silver Gaias in the short video below where I read from the book, The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors:

Silver Gaias - The Homecoming

Magenta Gaias - The Anchors

In 2016 the final part of the Gaia set of Colour Mirrors bottles came to join the system: The Magenta Gaias. These bottles incorporate the pale gold, platinum and pale coral energies with deep magenta, to finally, deeply, safely anchor all that is of the new en-'light'-ened version of the earth here for us all.

The magentas enable the star beings among us to finally feel safe on earth. They anchor the high vibrations and frequencies of light and make them real. They anchor us and support us and guide us as together we create a new earth based on love, peace and joy.

Bottles G34 to G36 complete the Gaia set as we now have 36 Gaia bottles to mirror the 36 'Wisdoms' of the first part of the CM set, bottles 1-36.

Book Magenta Gaias

The Gaia bottles deal with issues powerfully and swiftly, opening you to higher levels of consciousness and assisting you in stepping into the power of your true light. Holding them, meditating with them - even just sitting and looking at them - can bring about shifts in your energy field. When we bath in these high frequency oils, things really start to happen!

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Visit the Colour Mirrors page to find out more about using the bottles and read The Language of Light for a full description of and immersion in the Golden Gaias, and my e-book A Book of Platinum Light to experience the energies of the Platinum Gaias.

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