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The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors 3D sm“As you work with these potent coloured energies, you discover that colour frees your psyche from distorted and unhelpful patterning.  Disharmony returns to ease. Purposelessness and stagnation return to fulfilment and flow… Colour speaks to the whole of you in ways that little else does, and it comes as no surprise that so many people when they encounter colour – and Colour Mirrors – feel a deep sense of coming home.”

The Colour Mirrors system holds the key to understanding yourself deeply and profoundly, from the inside out.  In The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors you are taken on a journey of exploration and discovery through the entire range of jewel-coloured oils and essences which make up the system, and you are shown how perfectly and precisely colour ‘mirrors’ to you who you are. 

Each Colour Mirrors bottle clearly reflects the state of your individual world as well as shedding light on the bigger, global picture playing out on the world stage.  With this book as a handy reference guide, you will always be able to get to the higher truth of any situation or experience, see with greater clarity the reasons why it is occurring, and find peace and resolution.

Colour has a unique ability to bring transformation to all areas of your life, and this book tells the story of how and why the Colour Mirrors system came into being and how it will support you at this time of huge change on the planet.  It is a source of information and inspiration for anyone with an interest in colour as well as a comprehensive reference and textbook for Colour Mirrors teachers and practitioners.  It is a mind-expanding, heart-awakening guide for anyone who is ready to learn, heal, grow and evolve.  More than this, it is a handbook for life, detailing every challenge faced by humanity today and providing the wisdom, guidance and gentle encouragement to enable you to find your own solutions. 

The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors reveals a path to enlightened living.  It holds a powerful vision for a new paradigm on earth, one where humanity begins to live from love and the brilliance of the Divine light that powers every human soul.  It is an invitation to live authentically, with fearless transparency and in full alignment with your spirit.

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Back coverThis book is more than just a book - it is an encyclopedia of wisdom, light and teaching. 

Amanda Ellis - Spiritual Teacher, Colour Intuitive

Read it and give copies to your families and friends. Its gifts will ripple out to everything that you, and they, touch. 

Philippa Merivale - Founder of Metatronic Healing

This book is an indispensable companion offering powerful medicine and uncommon sense to help each and every one of us find our way back home.  This is essential practical magic for our time.

Kath Roberts - Creative Entrepreneur, Co-Author of Colourful Boardrooms

All-encompassing, meticulous and deeply intuitive, this book is a fount of knowledge for everyone on the colour ascension path. 

~ Dr. Anne Whitehouse - Author of Pull Back Your Power

Comprehensive, insightful and brimming with delightful perceptions and remarkable case histories, this book is a powerhouse of vision, appeal and charm.

Suzanne Ellis - Journalist, Editor, Author

Book:  279 pages, colour