Colours of You

This page is just for you, just for fun.  Who are you today?  Which colours are you?  Who would you like to be?!

Scroll down until you find 'your' colours for today... Enjoy.

(Please note:  this page is not interactive and nothing will happen if you click on the bottle images - they are simply for your viewing pleasure). 

To view the full range of bottles and to explore their meanings further, visit Colour Mirrors Bottles.

C1red angelI am Red

Vibrant, exciting, energised, dynamic, passionate, talkative, powerful, sexy, sultry, shocking, striking, stylish, confident, wealthy, abundant, dramatic

Venuspink angelI am Pink

Pretty, loving, caring, mothering, sweet, romantic, feminine, listening, charming, grace-filled, friendly, heart-centred, benign, peaceful, comforting

Jupitercoral angelI am Coral

Nurturing, soft, gentle, deep, sensitive, rich, sensual, exotic, playful, loving, wise, accepting, honouring, rich, joyful, abundant, generous, fun

C2fireI am Orange

Vibrant, gregarious, outrageous, joyful, delightful, happy, sunny, radiant, blissful, creative, extrovert, courageous, fiery, flirty, fearless, glowing, irreverent, jaunty

C11powerI am Gold

Powerful, authentic, wise, abundant, wealthy, beautiful, shimmering, valuable, priceless, inspiring, solid, true, shiny, bright, radiant, glowing, aware, awake, alight, futuristic, visionary

No. 1yellow angelI am Yellow

Sunny, shiny, joyful, child-like, fun, playful, clever, bright, intelligent, tenacious, light-hearted, optimistic, cheerful, good-natured, welcoming, engaging

Bottle 15woodI am Olive

Soft, serene, tranquil, generous, nurturing, supportive, hopeful, creative, inspiring, feminine, fecund, fertile, loving, fresh, spring-like, tender, natural, nature-loving, earthy

Bottle 5green angelI am Green

Growing, expansive, spacious, peaceful, restful, harmonious, balanced, trusting, heart-felt, gracious, flexible, changeable, pacifying, natural, aligned

bottle 30waterI am Turquoise

Fast, flowing, vivacious, clear, sharp, bright, sparkling, keen, alert, communicative, creative, intuitive, enquiring, expressive, beguiling, whimsical, inpsiring, knowledgeable, exacting

bottle 2blue angelI am Blue

Steady, ordered, settled, masculine, logical, dependable, strong, trustworthy, protective, safe, caring, communicative, expressive, creative, peaceful

Bottle 23dolphinI am Royal Blue

Mystical, intuitive, enchanting, powerful, authoritative, mysterious, fascinating, stellar, wise

G19platinum-angelI am Platinum

Limitless, vast, expansive, cosmic, galactic, intuitive, mysterious, unknowable, fathomless, magical, gracious, enabling, allowing, reflective, transcendent

Bottle 8lilac angelI am Violet

Connected, spirit-centred, patient, mystical, potent, transformational, serving, selfless, giving, supportive, guiding, ready

bottle 22archangel metatronI am Magenta

Magnificent, majestic, magnanimous, spontaneous, Divine, rejoicing, healing, responding, giving, present, potent, beneficent, reliable, expansive

G2earthI am Copper

Earthy, grounded, sorted, connected, stable, coherent, balanced, rounded, mothering, calm, deep, fulfilled

C9clear angelI am White

Pure, clear, grace-filled, light, shining, sparkling, reflective, innocent, perceptive, free, dazzling, luminous, transparent, exceptional, awe-inspiring

Colours are so much more than this of course, and cannot be accurately captured by words and labels - just like you.
I hope nevertheless that you will enjoy exploring the moods and feelings of each colour and discovering new words and expressions to add to each colour as you delve more deeply into the bottles and their messages. 

If you'd like to find out more about the language of colour, visit the Colour Mirrors page and consider coming on a Workshop.