Star imageThe Starlight energy is one that touches so many of us here on Earth.  Perhaps you feel a deep connection to the stars and the sense of oneness, expansion and vastness they bring, perhaps it is their shimmering, shining radiance that draws you, perhaps it is a reminder that even in deepest, darkest night, there are points of brilliance and light.

In 2012 I was guided very strongly to offer a Starlight Series of workshops and so began a new chapter in my life and work.  My stellar connections began to deepen, my sense of expansion increased exponentially and my awareness was upgraded and I wanted to share these experiences with others.

Starlight ConnectionStarlights:  Keys to Simplicity, Beauty, Truth

I was shown three essences, given colours and names and words and at then my request, these were created specifically for this Starlight work by the fabulous Melissie Jolly, creator and founder of Colour Mirrors.  Those initial three - Starlight Love, Starlight Peace, Starlight Joy - far from being the beginning and end of this work, opened the way to more and more beautiful energies over the next few years and now this set has grown to a total of 16 essences and 8 oils!

The Starlights as a whole encompass many different qualities such as peace, freedom, joy, connection, radiance.  But overall, this set opens the way to simplify our lives, open to the beauty of everything and everyone in our world and guide us to the deeper, higher truths of the universe.

As our journey of evolution continues to lead us ever upwards these energies open doors, light the way and guide us home - home to the truth of the light we have always been.  The Starlights are a range of specific frequencies designed to reconnect you with this truth.  They take us beyond what we have 'known' with our minds into the knowing that we are each a unique strand in the Divine tapestry, a brilliant point of light that is both individuated and entirely encapsulated in the One.  The beautiful colour bottles, known collectively as the Starlights, are available to purchase in the Shop.

Short Introduction to the Starlights

Starlight Oils

Initially the Starlight Set contained only spray essences.  They seemed to embody the starlight energies so perfectly.  At the end of 2015, however, when I was with Melissie Jolly in South Africa, a sub-set of Starlight oils was born.  By adding two starlight essences together we found the most wonderful combinations of Starlights:

S1 - The Lotus = Love and Freedom (pale pink/pale apple green)
S2 - Rapt in Magic = Rapture and Magic (opal-gold/lilac-platinum)
S3 - Stillness = Peace and Perception (pale blue/deep blue)
S4 - Earth Light = Connection and Creation (pale olive/pale turquoise)
S5 - Infinite Radiance = Infinity and Radiance (clear/gold)
S6 - Joyful Being = Joy and Being (yellow/rich magenta)

Now we add the latest in the Set:

S7 - The Hearth = Innocence and Fire (coral/orange)
S8 - Stardust = Awakening and Remembrance (pewter-platinum/copper-gold)

Starlight Set of 24
This set of oils and essences weave together to bring something that is greater than the sum of its parts to give us a set of core essential qualities for ‘light living’ on the Earth.  The Starlights are essentially about living in a new paradigm, evolving beyond our perceived limitations into a clearer, lighter, higher resonance of being so that we might embody Love, Peace, Joy, Freedom and all the other wonderful qualities they remind us that we carry within.

Latest Additions

Here are the latest additions to the Starlight Set, introduced in October 2016:

Starlight Fire 8Starlight Fire - orange with magenta sparkles:

This is fire as we have not known it before.  This is the Divine Fire, the core of our very existence, the flame of truth that has always lit us from within.  It does not burn but rather ignites.  It does not destroy but rather reveals.  It is a fire that can dissolve our fragilely constructed lies about ourselves and instead show us the full perfection of our Divine innocence.... Read more here.

The Hearth 2The Hearth - Coral/Orange

The hearth within each of us is the heart – the place of nourishment, nurturing, gathering, connection, community, oneness and warmth.  This is the nourishment we have been seeking from others, from relationships, from food, from addictions.  Here it is given freely and offered with huge love and no conditions at all so that it might fill us up on every level.... Read more here.

Starlight Awakening 3Starlight Awakening - Pewter-Platinum

Awakening is not a finite event but a series of ever-emerging and infinite gateways.  Although we may consider ourselves ‘awake’ already, at this time of planetary shift we are offered many new levels of awakening.  Starlight Awakening opens the way for the emergence of new filaments of light to permeate our physical structures as our bodies transform themselves into crystalline light.  Read more here.

Starlight Remembrance
Starlight Remembrance - copper-gold

This is not a truth that you ‘know’ or recall.  It is embodied.  You are the Earth.  You are the sun.  You are the stars and the sky and all that exists.  There is not a particle of you that does not now see, perceive and recognise itself as the Allness.  Read more here.

StardustStardust - pewter-platinum/copper-gold

This bottle brings us into communion with the simple, the peaceful, the quietude of deep stillness and rest.  It is a haven, a sanctuary, a place where nothing is required.  It is and we are.  This is the return home – to ourselves, to the cosmos and the planet.  It reminds us that we are at once both starlight and dust, cosmic points of stellar brilliance and infinite particles of earthly matter.   Read more here.

These bottles, along with all the rest of the Starlights, are available to purchase from the online Shop.

Starlight Meditations

These meditations connect you with the first three 'trios' of the series of Starlight energies.  Enjoy!

Love and Freedom 2Starlight Meditation One:  Starlight Love/Starlight Freedom/The Lotus 

Rapture and Magic 6Here is the second meditation:  Starlight Rapture/Starlight Magic/Rapt in Magic

Peace and Perception 3This is the third meditation with Starlight Peace/Starlight Perception and Stillness

Starlight Experience Workshops

CreationI love to share these energies by offering Starlight Experience workshops for those who wish to immerse themselves in the starlight frequencies and raise their own vibration exponentially!

The Starlight Experience workshop opens doors to the vast limitlessness that you are and allows you to really feel, know and experience your own unique light.  It is a time for exploration and discovery as we journey into the starlight realms and open to those aspects of ourselves so that we might bring them into our everyday lives right here on the earth.

Reconnecting with our star-selves is potent because it reminds us that:

*we are love
*we are vast, limitless and infinite
*life can be based on love, peace, joy and freedom
*magic is all around us if we choose to see it!

The Starlight energies are unique, special, intriguing and hugely inspiring.  They will take you deeply into the treasures of your own starlight so that you might live it here on the Earth.  If you've been waiting to discover more of who you are and what you're here for, the Starlights will light your path.  If you're ready to engage with the most magnificent light you hold within, the Starlight energies will help take you there.  If you're ready to experience frequencies of light, love and inspiration beyond the ordinary, take a step on your Starlight adventure and come to a workshop or purchase one of the beautiful Starlights.

Starlight Set of 12

During this highly experiential workshop you will:

•    explore your starlight connections and open ever more fully to your stellar origins to receive guidance, inspiration and higher levels of light
•    explore the deeper meaning of your cosmic light and how you can live that in your life
•    use specific configurations of sacred geometry and colour in the form of "Starlight grids" to experience beautiful energy transmissions
•    anchor cosmic energy patterns in your physical and light bodies through the light grids and the use of a spoken “Light Language”

IMG 4777The Starlight Experience workshop offers you an opportunity to connect, explore and discover your personal starlight connections in your own unique way.  It also connects us all to the greater, wider field of possibilities that occur when we come together in our individual uniqueness, each bringing our light and coming together for good of the greater whole.

During the workshop we will connect with each of the 12 Starlights:  Starlight Love, Starlight Peace, Starlight Joy, Starlight Freedom, Starlight Rapture, Starlight Magic, Starlight Infinity, Starlight Being, Starlight Connection, Starlight Perception, Starlight Creation, Starlight Radiance and Starlight Innocence.  These will all be available to purchase during the workshop.

Contact me to request a workshop in your area or for any further information.

To view the Starlight bottle descriptions and to puchase, click here.

Feedback on the Starlight Series and the Starlight essences:

"So much love and gratitude to you both for birthing the Starlights - gratitude on a personal level, on a global one and for the universe.  I can't tell you what the weekend has brought to me - it is still unfolding and feels very deep and profound. Increasingly I have a feeling that the Starlights have come at precisely the right time - they fit the new paradigm and the stage that humanity is at - so thank you again for both being the the birther and the bringer of them."

"Thank you for two days simply overflowing with the most precious things in the world (and out of this world :-)). 

"It has been such a beautiful blessing."

"Thank you for an amazing workshop. It's been a perfect day. We are still talking about it and feeling the energies. Words don't describe today." 

"Another huge Thank You for the opportunity to be introduced to the Starlights while you were here in Africa! They still have an enormous impact on me everyday and have been instrumental in all the ideas and energy to create a new path for me. I am so grateful for the Starlight energies, I feel them and let them guide me daily."

"Blessings on you - so much to appreciate!  Special mention for your beautiful way with words.""Thank you for a beautiful haven of light."

" I so enjoyed the Starlights and the beautiful energy that you hold them with.  I just had to buy the whole set as well as the oils and I just know they are going to be a part of my work.   Many thanks to you for a life changing, magical workshop."

"This is the 3rd time I have experienced the Starlights. Each time I have connected a little deeper with them. This time was so incredibly connected and beautiful it literally blasted the final boulders off my path of remembering the real me.  I know I cannot ever un-remember this instant download and I am eternally grateful to you and your Starlights for this awareness."
"I have just had the most glorious time reading about the Starlights. I honestly thought I would burst reading the Rapture words and felt such clarity when reading Kyashi that we can feel and be Divine on Earth."

"I had the most amazing experience today as I was reading through the notes on the Starlight bottles. I felt the most overwhelming Love permeating and expanding from all of my body - it was Love in all my cells permeating outwards so that I could even feel the heat and energy outside of my body. I was in awe-like rapture at what was happening to me and wanted to say I Love you to all. It was wonderful! Thank you SO much.""The Starlights continue to grow my awareness, consciousness and understanding on a Universal scale. They connect you to the wisdom of the stars that know how powerful you are."

Starlight Alchemy grid 2"Felt completely star struck and drove home under a beautiful waxing moon. Amazing energies. Thank you."

"I am completely blown away by these energies."

"The MOST amazing evening. The Starlights are magical and profound, so very pleased to have had the opportunity to connect with these energies. I feel very blessed to have shared in this experience."
"What a beautiful evening and such a joy for me to witness the magnificence of the connection and anchoring of light between planet earth and the cosmos. Thank you for facilitating that for me."

"Thank you again, the love and light you radiate is truly inspiring."

"Just the most beautiful, profound experience ever! My gratitude is limitless to you Korani, Melissie and all the beautiful people who I've been sharing this amazing journey with."

"Thank you dear Korani and to all of the beautiful souls who made this weekend so precious and magical. Still completely blown away."

"Just so loved it.  What a magical and rapturous time.  Thank you thank you!"

 "It was an incredible experience to be part of this collective in person and with those that tuned in; with a huge thanks to Melissie and Korani, who as ever, hosted a Divine workshop. The Starlights open us to our Truth and the endless potential contained with them and us; having Starlight Infinity and Starlight Being as part of the Energy Frequencies brings it all back to earth for us. We can connect with our Star Beings and the light within. We are always guided and in tune with the plan we agreed to come here for and assist in the Golden Age, the Awakening and the opening to Ourselves and the Light. Where ever you are, whatever you chose to do, know that the Infinite possibilities are available to you and bringing that home to Be-ingness allowing your light, love and Divineness to Be Who You Are. In the end, we are all One, connected through time and space to Create and be Creators. Our two new Starlights offer us this Knowing and Connectedness.""Thank you Korani, there really are no words to describe this magical weekend and the gift you have given us, finally bringing our essence into Being and anchoring it here on the we can really walk through that magical gateway and 'live' here in our true essence....hugeness beyond words."

"Amazing weekend! How privileged and grateful to be present at the birthing and grounding day of starlight infinity and being. What a joy for me to connect with starlight infinity particularly! That galactic gateway at the end of the day... wow!"

"The bottles fill me with such overwhelming emotions, they have such a profound impact on me.  I actually feel as though my heart could burst!!   I get the sense that more than any of the other CM bottles that these seem to me to be almost erasers.  How can you want to hold onto any other emotions other than love, peace and joy - they really do raise your vibration don't they?

"Thank you so much for last weekend's Starlight Experience, I can't express how amazing the whole experience was and is.  I have a knowing that something Starlight butterfly grid 2quite profound has taken place and allowing it to unfold in complete faith and love for what is and what will be." 

"I have sprayed Starlight Magic every night since your glorious workshop here.  I am having some superb dreams and am in a perpetual state of bliss."

"This weekend was another level of  initiation for me - the meditations and travel into the cosmos to meet my family were transcendental. The clearing that has taken place for me is very deep and I can still feel swirling energy inside me. Thank you."

"This series of essences has transformed my ability to open up to the possibilities of more than I could unlock before.  It's a connect to the vastness that is you from the dawn of time, from the edges of the Universe.  Since last weekend's workshop I am rocket propelled somehow... "

"WOW what a wonderful workshop / experience...thank you star being for choosing to come here and share your light."

"Korani, THANK YOU!!!  It was a brilliant day, and that was all down to you! You have a special gift thanks for sharing it. I always feel in awe to be surrounded by such beautiful light beings at your workshops. You are truly inspiring."

"What happened with us all this weekend? Absolutely beyond words!  We were all so blessed and immersed in the energies of love throughout - such revelations. I feel as if I have been walking above the surface of life in another world ever since."

"Thank you Korani for such a special day and leading us all home to such beauty, love and remembrance - words fail me."

"Kenilworth June 2014At last I seem to be able to let go and even feel joy, which has been a huge delight.  The Starlights are playing an enormous part in my releasing and allowing myself to Be. Thank you so much for bringing these beautiful energies to us all. In their loving gentleness is an amazing strength."

"There is powerful healing energy in the starlights and in the light language.  All the bottles have a presence but the Starlights have a different kind of presence, palpable like I feel that there are planetary beings with them, who are brought in by them."

"Thank you Korani, today was everything I dreamed of and so much more. A month to integrate and I'm ready for the next taste of starry magic. Thank you for everything you bring through you awesome starry being."

"A truly inspiring day and an enormous amount of love with us. Thank you from the depth of my being."

"I cannot describe what it was really like for me, but awesome, amazing, wondrous, mind blowing and not one of those can even begin to describe it. So make up a word that encorporates all of those times a million and you might begin to have a little clue. Korani and all of you who shared the space, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

"The light language just took the vibration higher and higher and the shifts became deeper and deeper.  It was utterly unexpected and amazing.  I have never really felt anything quite as astounding."

"It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to be a part of such a wonderful event, to be in a group of such truly radiant beings and to be held by their collective light and love."

"You are such a magical weaver of light and information... leading us into the galaxies and the galaxies to us..."

"I'm so grateful and so blessed.  I am so excited about the amazing possibilities that can be created to help with the healing and transformation not only of people but the planet and the universe.    We really can make a difference can't we with these wonderful bottles of love and light.   Thank you for being the catalyst for such a huge transformation for me."

"I've been using the Starlights everyday, they are AMAZING, have had some profound shifts."

"Special day, wonderful energies and gorgeous glimpses of what we are moving into. Korani, - Thank you!, wonder, awe and such a beautiful touch with magic - you hold ever more precious doors open for us."

"They feel so much like home! It feels very much like the missing piece of the jigsaw, and one which I have been searching for for lifetimes."