Golden Keys

This exciting programme guides you on a path of true spiritual growth and evolution, accelerating and enhancing your journey and bringing you into alignment with your Divine self. You’ll experience greater clarity, joy and light and be offered a Divine template for living a more enlightened life!

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In the Golden Keys online programme you will:

• Discover concepts that, if acted upon, will shift your way of thinking and behaving once and for all
• Reconnect with the language your soul has always spoken and understood but you’ve forgotten until now
• Find keys to opening to your full potential and living Heaven on Earth, NOW!
• Make insights and discoveries on your journey that will allow you to step out of old habits and ways of being with ease
• Experience the Divine light and energy of each of the seven beautiful Colour Mirrors “Golden Gaia” bottles
• Be guided to work through each of the seven Golden Keys with the help of exercises and questions for reflection
• Receive recorded meditations and ‘harmonics’ to deepen your experience
• Connect with daily reflective ‘mirrors’ to deepen your consideration and awareness of your journey
• Be encouraged to form daily supportive habits to assist your body and indeed your whole being throughout this process
• Work with colour essences to support and enhance your process (optional)

It is recommended that you use the book "The Language of Light" alongside this audio programme. Through this book you will receive energetic transmissions which will help bring your light body into its Divine configuration as you read.

This programme is designed to be spread over the course of 7 weeks, one Golden Key per week, but you can take it at your own pace, spending as little or as long as you wish with each Key. You can take the course anywhere, any time, as all you need is a device to download the audio files.

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Your Feedback:

"Our trip into the Golden Gaias seems to be becoming a way of life ... a continual dance with them helping move us through whatever we need to look at. Wonderful support during these amazing whoooping energies.Heartfelt thank you to Korani and Melissie." ~ JS

"This golden journey is such a beautiful and supportive path for us each to ease into our own new ways of being. Ever constant by my bedside were the Colour Mirrors bottles and the Golden Gaias audios to ground and guide me in my sleep. It feels like the universe exists within me and anything and everything is possible. Loving this journey. Thank you!" ~ KJ

"This is my fourth time with the Golden Gaia's and this is the deepest I have ever been. I have a fabulous feeling we are being held and protected at this time of huge change on the earth. I have used all the supporting essences and have all the bottles laid out on a small table in the kitchen. Thank you Korani and everyone on this awesome, sparkly golden Journey." ~ CB

"The harmonics really are amazing. I can feel such a bodily difference after doing them, much more peaceful and serene." ~ DB

"A very beautiful journey home." LM

"This is such big yet fundamental foundation, building block stuff. It all feels golden and progressive and beautiful and I’m very glad I’ve the opportunity to do this!" ~ AMG