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Here are a selection of FREE resources for you to enjoy:

Colours of You

A page to visit whenever you wish to explore and play with "your" colours of the moment.  Who are you today and what colour are you??

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This page has been imbued with subtle high energy frequencies which may assist you in aligning ever more fully with your core Divine essence.  Visit this page as often as you wish.  Spend some time viewing the page or even close your eyes with it open in front of you and allow yourself to come into alignment.

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Colour Mirrors Bookshop Videos

As part of the Colour Mirrors Bookshop initiative in 2018 on Facebook, I offered several readings from my books.  In the videos I discus topics from the books and read an excerpt or two.  You can visit my You Tube channel to view these videos.

Story of Essence
by Korani

In the beginning was only Source, only light, only love Divine.  Source was everything, the All, the creator.  And in its Allness, Source had a dream.  Source dreamed it could know itself in its entirety, could explore and discover itself in all its infinite wonder and so it created You.  Out of the vast limitlessness of its creative being, You were born, a single point of light, unique, individual, Divine.

You were given a game to play - the game of life – and in this game you had absolute freedom to be anything and anyone.  Source imposed no limits.   In its creation of You, Source gifted you with the ability to dream yourself into being in any way you desired, to create as Source created. 

Source also gifted you its Essence, the perfect, permanent reminder built into the core of your being of where you came from and who you really were, so that as you went out into the world as the unique individual You, you could return home to the Allness at any time you chose.  When you had explored as much as you wished, when you had been all that you could be, seen and done everything you could possibly imagine, your Essence would call you home.

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Generosity: An excerpt from "The Language of Light: Golden Keys to Ascension"

In "The Language of Light" I explore seven Golden Keys, tools to empower and inspire us and to bring us into alignment with our own highest truth and light so that we can live that light in our everyday lives. The Golden Keys guide us toward a new reality, sharing with us practical yet light-filled ways of living life on a New Earth.  This excerpt is from the chapter on “Generosity”, the third Golden Key.

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