Excerpt From “The Language of Light:  Golden Keys to Ascension”

"The Language of Light" explores seven Golden Keys, tools to empower and inspire you and bring you into alignment with your own highest truth and light so that you can live that light in your everyday life. The Golden Keys guide you towards a new reality, sharing with you practical yet light-filled ways of living life on a New Earth.
The following is an excerpt from the chapter on “Generosity”, the third Golden Key.  Each 'Key' in the book begins its chapter with my own experiences of a week spent connecting with and focusing intently on that Key.  These were my experiences with Generosity:

Gliding On Generosity

GenerosityAs I explore this Key I recognise that being generous with others is such open-hearted expansive joy.  It also feels very generous to myself.  I am consciously connecting with the joy vibration and it is rich, wonderful, liberating.  Always enough, all ways enough.  Yes, I know it to be true.  I love connecting with the vibrancy and lushness of the Generosity bottle.  It opens my heart and warms me every time I see it or think about it.  I feel old uncertainties slipping away.  Life takes on a more generous hue, colours are more vibrant, the space around me is more buoyant.  I am very aware of giving to myself and the joy of receiving is a welcome embrace.

Generosity opens my heart space and offers me up to life and life comes rushing back to meet me, arms open wide.  The more expanded and open I am the more generous my life becomes.  I begin to breathe generosity, to feel it in my pores, to feel it beating inside my heart.

Generosity takes me deeply into gratitude and I find that appreciation and gratitude are inextricably linked with generosity, indeed they seem to me to be almost the same thing.   As I allow appreciation for what I already have – money, fun, friendship, joy - to flow through me, more of it can show up.  And it does.   As my week with Generosity goes by noticeable evidence of it appears in my life.  Abundance flows to me in all ways, proof if I needed it that what we focus on expands.  A concentrated focus on generosity, abundance and receiving leads directly to experiences of those things in my life in even greater substance than before.
Generosity of spirit becomes my over-arching theme.  In conversations with others I take more time to listen than to speak.  I notice how paying for something can be joyous if I feel the generosity of the universe in making available to me the funds I need to pay for it.  I can even enjoy a sense of generosity in the paying of a bill – it can feel like a gift, if I let it.  

Sitting in my garden on summer days I am awed at the abundance and generosity of nature, spilling over with gifts of sustenance and beauty.  All around me are examples of the universal flow of abundant giving and receiving.

I take some time, over my days with Generosity, to explore the connection with the feminine and what it means to be female.   Whether man or woman, the ability to receive is a function of our inner female.  She holds a receptive awareness that allows, opens and accepts.  She is generous-hearted and as we open more to her, she offers us richness, warmth, love.  Generosity takes us into relationship with our inner feminine, seeks out the places where we withdraw or withhold, and guides us gently into a more fluid and receptive space where giving and receiving become the joyous rhythm of life.

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