Story of Essence

In the beginning was only Source, only light, only love Divine. Source was everything, the All, the creator. And in its Allness, Source had a dream. Source dreamed it could know itself in its entirety, could explore and discover itself in all its infinite wonder and so it created ‘you’. Out of the vast limitlessness of its creative being, you were born, a single point of light – unique, individual, Divine.

You were given a game to play – the game of life – and in this game you had absolute freedom to be anything and anyone. Source imposed no limits. In its creation of you, Source gifted you with the ability to dream yourself into being in any way you desired, to create as Source created.

Source also gifted you its Essence, the perfect, permanent reminder built into the core of your being of where you came from and who you really were, so that as you went out into the world as the unique individual ‘you’, you could return home to the Allness at any time you chose. When you had explored as much as you wished, when you had been all that you could be, seen and done everything you could possibly imagine, your Essence would call you home.

So, given life by Source, you dreamed yourself into being. Out of all the possibilities of beingness, you chose a unique template, a unique blueprint, a unique voice and you began to shape and craft and form yourself out of the Allness. You created, you played and you delighted in the infinite choices available to you. You carried within you the essence of Source, knew yourself utterly as this, as a child of the Divine, born of love.

As part of the infinite creative game of life you began to play, you then discovered that there was another choice. What if you could play the game without knowledge of your Divine essence? How would that expand the exploration, the discovery? Perhaps you would choose to retain your deep connection with Source, returning to essence continually while retaining a sense of yourself as a unique individual. Perhaps, if you were incredibly courageous, you would choose to cut all conscious connection to your essence entirely, the better to play the game. Or perhaps you would keep a thread woven deep inside your heart so that even as you wandered further and further from Source, you might find your way back to it. All choices would be perfect. None would be wrong. Each would simply be an experience. Source experiencing itself.

You chose a body, genetics, history, a personality and preferences. You chose places, situations, events and people to populate your world, each one specifically selected to offer you the exact conditions you required to explore your newly created Self in the world. You journeyed and travelled and explored, and the more deeply you delved into the game, the more you were taken in by it, swallowed up inside it.

You forgot that you were Source, that you carried its essence inside you. You saw that others in the game were different to you, and you began to compare yourself to them and to find yourself wanting. You began to want to be another instead of yourself, and in that desire, you began to lose yourself. You chose others’ options and followed their paths and listened to their voices. You lost sight of the Divine light that had always guided you, the true essence of your being. Yet still it remained, woven into the fabric of your being, the part of you that could never be separate from Source, the Divine ‘you’, your Essence Self, your Essential Self.

As the game played out, at times you did not know it was even there, so far from it had you travelled. At times you heard a soft call as though from far, far away, but supposed it had nothing to do with you. At times you were aware of a nagging sense that you were being shown something but you chose not to see, more spellbound by the game than the possibility of something else awaiting you.

But then once, just once, you heard the call and you lifted your head and listened. You saw the light flicker out of the corner of your eye and you stopped and looked and you remembered – perhaps for just a milli-second, but you remembered. You remembered that you were not alone, not lost. You remembered that you were loved, that you were love, and a seed of that remembrance was planted. Moments went by – or perhaps eons – and the call arose again. Your essence sent a shaft of light speeding toward your heart and once again you remembered. And again and again, more and more as you felt the magic of those calls.

The calls of your essence came to you in dreams, in visions, in words, in books, in the beauty of nature. They came as birdsong, as laughter, as sunlight, as a hand upon your shoulder. They touched your being and awoke in you a thirst, and you began actively to listen for them. You began to realise that it was the very things which made you ‘you’, the very things which made up your unique Essence Self that led you most directly back to that essence. It was the ‘yes’ you felt in your heart when shown a particular path. It was the truth you felt in your being as you embarked upon a journey, the ‘yes’ as you opened to the talents, gifts and abilities you possessed, the ‘yes’ as you followed a thread which others might disregard but which seemed to you to be lit up with golden possibility.

As your essence now called to you daily, constantly, fervently, with love, showing you your unique truth, you began to heed those calls. As you lived and explored and discovered, the game began to become essence-fuelled and joyful. Love, peace and joy blossomed in your being as you began to live your truth and to share these gifts with others. You began to show others how they too could remember their essence and return to Source by exploring life as individuals in bodies with minds and identities and gifts and flaws, by listening intently to their own perfectly unique selves.

You saw that it was Source expressing itself as the uniqueness of you that was the priceless gift of this game. The more you embraced your unique Essence Self the more fun you had, the more passion, the more inspiration, the more joy. The more you opened to the wonders of the Essential You, the unique and perfect strand of Divine light which became form through you, the more Source could shower you with gifts – your gifts, gifts created solely for you, as you and through you, gifts that were yours for no other reason than that you were Source’s precious, beloved child.

And now life goes on and it is exactly the same and yet it is utterly changed. All is complete within you and yet life is eternally unfolding. Learning and growing and evolving is the game you play and now, you do so with joy, with fervour, with full awareness, with higher consciousness.

Now you play the game as an awakened being and life and love are yours, full and free for the asking. Every moment is precious, every breath a gift. You are home and it is the realisation that you never left in the first place which fills your essence with joy. For how is it possible now to ever leave? You cannot. You are already exactly where you are meant to be and exactly who you were created to become. And while your personal story will go on, your essence is now firmly at the centre of your life.

Now you live in, from and as Essence; you live as your Essential Self. You craft a life of wonder and treasure, beauty and perfection, polishing your essence every time you engage with it, every time you base your life, your decisions, your choices upon it, every time you see through its eyes and love with its tenderness.

Now, at last, your essence shines so brightly that it can no longer call itself separate. There is a “you” and it is “essential” and yet there is no one there at all. You are in life and of life and you have a body and a mind and you call yourself human, and yet you are utterly reconnected with Source.

You slip serenely back into its lifestream, returning to the home from whence you came, bringing with you the vastness of your travels, your explorations and your discoveries, contributing to the Allness the unique light that only you can bring. You have journeyed from Source to Self and back again, through the Divine portal of your essence. Source is now infinitely richer for your journey and the welcome you receive as you merge again with the One sends cascading explosions of light arcing throughout the universe in jubilant celebration.

(c) Korani,, 2013