The Language of Light Cover smallerThe Language of Light: Golden Keys to Ascension was my first book, published at the end of 2009.

In 2012 this was followed by an e-book:  A Book of Platinum LightPlatinum Light e-book cover small

Both books take as their roots the extraordinary Colour Mirrors system, yet both also take you beyond any system or set of tools into the quantum field where all things are possible.

These books emanate a specific frequency of Divine love that it is my joy and honour to share with you.

To find out more, visit The Language of Light and A Book of Platinum Light.

4342 Korani - Cover 12 smaller
Colour Conversations explores the extraordinary connections we can make through colours in combination.  It contains hundreds of conversations between myself and Melissie Jolly, creator of the glorious Colour Mirrors system, in which we explore nearly 200 colour combinations and over 500 bottle combinations in over 400 pages, gathered and collated and woven together over a period spanning six years.  As well as being a practitioner resource this e-book is a guide and exploration to anyone who is called to the Colour Mirrors bottles and wishes to take their connection to a deeper level.  We encourage you to download and print this book to have as a valuable resource for insight and information.

What the Seeker FoundIn 2015, Melissie Jolly produced her awesome and inspiring book, What the Seeker Found.  I was privileged to collaborate with Melissie on the book from start to finish and can honestly say it changed my life!

Every word is a gift, every question asked and answered is an 'aha' moment.  This is the sort of book you will treasure for many years to come.  You will want to dip into it often.

To purchase, visit Amazon

 Colour Mirrors has now created a Colour Mirrors Bookshop page on which myself and various other authors who are also CM teachers share with you readings from our books.

In the link below you can watch videos I have created for this platform which include excerpts from all my books including the forthcoming one Melissie and I are writing together:  The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors.

Videos of Book Readings and Discussions