Colour Conversations

4342 Korani - Cover 12 smallerWe all know that colour speaks to us. A beautiful colour in nature touches and opens our heart, a powerful colour has an impact on us when we wear it, the colour of our rooms and workplace affect our mood, and many of us see colours in meditation. Colour is everywhere - and everywhere it is, it speaks to us.


So what happens when we look not just at one colour and its effect on us, but two colours in combination?


Suddenly the 'conversation' goes to another level.


The dynamics and relationships of colours in combination mirror perfectly the dynamics and relationships in our own lives. They offer an extraordinary level of insight into every aspect of life and help us make connections in so many different ways.


When Colour Mirrors creator Melissie Jolly and I embarked on an exploration of colour combinations some years ago, taking each colour in the Colour Mirrors system and putting it in combination with each other colour, little did we realise just what we would discover and what an impact it would have on our lives.




dreamstime s 5399410 smallerThe result of our explorations is now available in the form of an e-book, Colour Conversations, so that you might share in the wonders of colour combinations and experience for yourself just how inspiring, informative and empowering they can be.

"Just wanted to thank you for writing this.  Every atom of it makes sense and is making sense of so much of my experiences and feelings these last weeks."

If you're wondering why you love pink and turquoise together, or you can't stop wearing blue with coral, or you find green and orange together disturb you, or a client places gold and copper bottles together in a session or reading and you want to explore what that might be about - this book will help you understand why. You'll meet many many colours in combination and discover what they are saying. You'll find insights into why we put certain colours together in certain situations and why certain colour and bottle combinations are extraordinarily healing, others give us the necessary impetus to move forward, while still others take us into previously unexplored realms, beyond the limitations of our usual perceptions.


Put simply, colour combinations are about making connections, whether at a conscious level – receiving an insight or understanding, having a realisation – or at a pure energy level where something shifts, settles, changes or is transmuted without conscious thought or effort. 

"I am almost never without this book.  As a resouce and guide it is completely invaluable."

At around 400 pages long Colour Conversations is wide-ranging and packed full of information and insight into colour and bottle combinations. We hope it will open the door to even greater levels of insight, understanding and expansion for all who love, work and play with the marvellous Colour Mirrors system.   A detailed practitioner resource, this e-book is also a dialogue with colour, light, energy and information to dip into for inspiration, advice, guidance and insight.

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I include here the introduction to the e-book to give you a flavour of what it offers:

Excerpt from the introduction to "Colour Conversations

dreamstime s 14005697 smallerOn the face of it this book is about colour and Colour Mirrors bottles and the ways they interact. In actual fact it is more about life and the many different lenses through which we can choose to view it. This book is called Colour Conversations because the information you will find here came to life through many conversations we had the joy of sharing over a period of several years. It is also about the conversations that colours have with each other, how red converses with blue, orange with yellow, violet with gold. It is about the conversations between the diverse energies of the Colour Mirrors bottles themselves and the word pictures which emerge: energies and information which are downloaded, translated and painted in colour and light through the medium of words so that you might take them in, absorb them, integrate them and understand them. But it is also called Colour Conversations because as you encounter the beautiful Colour Mirrors bottles, the conversations you have are with your ‘higher’, authentic, Divine self, and that is how you come to reveal what was hidden, accept what was unacceptable, let go of what once bound you and recognise your truth and own your Divine light. It is through these ‘conversations’ with your greater, more expanded aspects that you are shown options, choices and possibilities.

We hope that the conversations we share here will open doorways and ignite sparks so that you might access even more of the limitless wisdom you hold within. None of the information contained here is intended as prescription or proven fact. It is simply a series of musings and conversations by two people with a depth of understanding, experience and love for colour and Colour Mirrors which we hope will inspire, enlighten, guide and support you on your journey.

The language and references we use in the book do assume a certain level of familiarity with colour and the Colour Mirrors bottles, as it is really aimed at those who already have an understanding of the Colour Mirrors system, but even if you are completely new to it, we welcome you along for the ride! As an energy system the bottles in the system connect with you as you read about them, so even if your mind does not understand all that is written, your body will respond and your infinite, wise, Divine self will ensure that you will receive exactly that which you require.

If you’ve found your way to this e-book, however, you’re probably no stranger to colour or Colour Mirrors. You already know how profoundly and potently colour touches your life, shifts your beliefs and repairs the rifts you may have experienced at one time or another as a Divine being playing a human game. What you are now offered is another step on the colour adventure. We hope this book will open the door to even greater levels of insight, understanding and expansion for all who love, work and play with the marvellous Colour Mirrors system.

Colour combinations are, quite simply, about making connections, whether at a conscious level – receiving an insight, understanding or realisation – or at a pure energy level, where something shifts, settles, changes or is transmuted without conscious thought or effort. In this book you will find an exploration of the extraordinary connections to be found between colours in general and Colour Mirrors bottles in particular. We invite you to enter the dance of colour combinations, take part in their dialogues and observe their dynamics, play with their interweaving energies and explore their relationships. We invite you to discover the almost magical precision with which colour combinations pinpoint your challenges and issues, highlight your gifts and your brilliance and offer you back to yourself – with great clarity, gentle encouragement and enormous love.

Korani and Melissie

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"I use this every day, for myself and with my clients!  It never fails to inspire me and bring insights.  Thank you both so much for producing this amazing book."

In this video I share with you the colour combination of yellow and blue and read an excerpt from the book:

What do colours in combination do?


DSC 8833 2 2Colour Combinations:

•Offer new layers of information and insight to our knowledge, understanding and experiences of colour

•Help us identify fears, challenges and issues and find ways to work with them and overcome them

•Show us how events from other lifetimes may be impacting our lives now – and then show us how we can do things differently

•Help us identify the root memories that have led to particular issues and where they are located in the body

•Help us to see how far we have come and the potential we hold

•Are fast and accurate in pinpointing and highlighting what we need to know to take us forward

•Open us to possibility, potential and expansion


•Connect us with our greater, higher, vaster selves so that we might access more of who we are and share that with the world

•Act as gateways and portals to ‘future’ information and enable us to access cosmic information and energies from our multi-dimensional selves

•Tap us into other, cosmic lifetimes and the information we may already hold from them that is waiting to be remembered

Colour Conversations


Introduction to Colour Conversations - Audios

Here are three short audios from a webinar with Melissie Jolly and Sharon King where we talked about colour combinations, the e-book "Colour Conversations" and why and how it came to be.


The first two give you an insight into what the book is about, what it has to offer and why colour combinations are so powerful.


Length: 00:01:44

Length: 00:06:54

C1C8In the third audio Melissie and I discuss a particular colour combination to give you insight into how combinations work and the sort of information they reveal. Here we discuss red and magenta.

Length 00:05:17