If you are seeking to evolve on your spiritual path and awaken to more of your true self, these courses are designed to do just that!

They are a blend of information, teachings, meditations and explorations designed to take you on powerful inner journeys and facilitate your evolution. 

Each course is different so see which appeals to you most.

1) Golden Keys Online Programme

2) Heart Fire Alchemy

3) 8 Spiritual Principles to Ascension

4) The Spiritual Fitness Series

5) Starlight Experience

They are all available for you to purchase so that you can listen in whenever it suits you and work through them in your own time.  Although they all reference the wonderful Colour Mirrors system in some way, these programmes are open to anyone - you do not need to be a Colour Mirrors practitioner or know anything about colour to benefit from them.

Golden Keys Online Programme

This exciting programme guides you on a path of true spiritual growth and evolution, accelerating and enhancing your journey and bringing you into alignment with your Divine self.  You’ll experience greater clarity, joy and light and be offered a Divine template for living a more enlightened life!

LR Line of 7

In the Golden Keys programme you will:

•    Discover concepts that, if acted upon, will shift your way of thinking and behaving once and for all
•    Reconnect with the language your soul has always spoken and understood but you’ve forgotten until now
•    Find keys to opening to your full potential and living Heaven on Earth, now!
•    Make insights and discoveries on your journey that will allow you to step out of old habits and ways of being with ease
•    Experience the Divine light and energy of each of the seven beautiful Colour Mirrors “Golden Gaia” bottles
•    Be guided to work through each of the seven Golden Keys with the help of exercises and questions for reflection
•    Receive recorded meditations and ‘harmonics’ to deepen your experience
•    Connect with daily reflective ‘mirrors’ to deepen your consideration and awareness of your journey
•    Be encouraged to form daily supportive habits to assist your body and indeed your whole being throughout this process
•    Work with colour essences to support and enhance your process (optional)

It is recommended that you use the book "The Language of Light" alongside this audio programme. Through this book you will receive energetic transmissions which will help bring your light body into its Divine configuration as you read.

This programme is designed to be spread over the course of 7 weeks, one Golden Key per week, but you can take it at your own pace, spending as little or as long as you wish with each Key.  You can take the course anywhere, any time, as all you need is a device to download the audio files.

Purchase the Golden Keys programme here.

Heart Fire Alchemy Programme

Heart fire smallerThis course offers you a burst of heart-fire love to power up your life.  It will ignite your capacity to live and love and create from the fire-power of your heart.

Now more than ever we are called to live from our hearts, to fire the engine of love that will create and power the new evolving planet. With the heart fire flame truly lit and activated from within we can be all that we came here to be and so much more. We can light a flame of love to ignite and transform the planet!

Heart Fire Alchemy is a four-part audio series designed to be taken over four consecutive weeks, supported by four optional but highly recommended beautiful coloured essences from Colour Mirrors. This course is open to ANYONE who feels drawn to re-connect, re-align, re-engage, re-awaken, regenerate the heart flame within.

Find out more about Heart Fire Alchemy


8 Spiritual Principles to Ascension

8SPs banner

This webinar series takes you on a powerful journey through the colour spectrum and across the rainbow bridge to Ascension.  Colour Mirrors creator Melissie Jolly has gathered together 8 key principles from her storehouse of wisdom and guidance to assist anyone who would like to flow with life, release blockages to happiness and open up spiritually to higher levels of awareness.  The first seven principles connect with each of the seven major chakra colours and the eighth connects with the Soul Star or 8th chakra above the crown, and the colour magenta.

When we view life through the lens of colour we begin see the perfection of everything in our reality, no matter how it ‘appears’ to be.

When we relate spiritual principles to colour they become accessible and heartfelt rather than just intellectual concepts. With colour we get the opportunity to experience them in our bodies, in a way that is physical and ‘real’ and incredibly powerful for both our spiritual journey and our everyday lives. 

Find out more about 8 Spiritual Principles to Ascension.

Purchase 8 Spiritual Principles to Ascension to experience all the benefits of colour as an accompaniment to your spiritual journey.

The Spiritual Fitness Series

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Based around the first 36 bottles of the Colour Mirrors range, this webinar series will kick-start you on an exciting "fitness" programme for your spirit and reveal the hidden places within where you’ve been blocking yourself, offer you tips on how to shift those blocks simply and swiftly and act as a potent "detox" for any clogged up old issues, beliefs and programmes you're still running.  It will help you reconnect so that you can have access to a swift and clear spiritual connection all the time and help you expand your life and light the path ahead.  It will provide you with the spiritual nourishment to feed your creative potential and offer you keys to shift to a higher level in your life. 

With this series and the 36 coloured mirrors it holds before you, we invite you to travel right to your deepest inner core to find all the parts of yourself, even those you didn’t know were there, and learn to love them – which is the REAL key to health, wealth and happiness!

Find out more about the Spiritual Fitness Series.

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Starlight Experience

StarlightsThis Starlight Experience workshop opens doors to the vast limitlessness that you are and allows you to really feel, know and experience your own unique light. It is a time for exploration and discovery as you journey into the starlight realms and open to those aspects of yourself so that you might bring them into your everyday life right here on Earth.

The Starlight Experience is a 'light intensive' - a powerful immersion in the beautiful Starlights range, offering meditations, light transmissions, grids, healing and much more.

This recording of an online workshop brings you around 12 hours of video from 4 days of online Starlight Experience seminars.

It is perfect for you if:

*You want to experience in-depth the Starlight energies, which are unique, special, intriguing and hugely inspiring.
*You want to go deeply into the treasures of your own starlight so that you might live it here on the Earth.
*You've been waiting to discover more of who you are and what you're here for.
*You're ready to engage with the most magnificent light you hold within.
*You're ready to experience frequencies of light, love and inspiration beyond the ordinary.

Reconnecting with your star-self is potent because it reminds you that:

*you are love
*you are vast, limitless and infinite
*life can be based on love, peace, joy and freedom
*magic is all around you, if you choose to see it!

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