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Bio photo 3 smI first became interested in all things spiritual almost thirty years ago. I was sure life didn’t need to be so hard or so painful as most of us seemed to find it, and I knew deep inside that there had to be a way to make life better, easier, simpler and more enjoyable. I spent many years searching and researching and trying out everything I could, reading, exploring and questioning.

In 2004 I helped organise a large Mind Body Spirit festival in Salisbury, England and I met Colour Mirrors for the first time. I had a reading and was transfixed. How could colour reveal this much about me and my path? How could bottles of coloured oils show me my path, my challenges, my gifts? But they did – and so much more. I began the Colour Mirrors journey almost immediately and trained as a practitioner, offering readings and healing with the amazing coloured oils and essences. In November 2005 I met the founder of Colour Mirrors for the first time when I trained as a Teacher of Colour. Something profound slotted into place for me when I met Melissie Jolly. I suddenly heard someone speaking my language. Colour and Melissie’s teachings made sense of life for me in a way nothing ever had before. I’m now privileged to work closely alongside Melissie in the ongoing adventure that is Colour Mirrors.

My love of writing and a set of beautiful new Golden Gaia bottles in the Colour Mirrors range led me to write The Language of Light in 2009. Since the birth of the Golden Keys and writing this book my life has taken on an ease, flow and grace I never would have thought possible when I began my journey all those years ago.

Although I was born in New Zealand, in 1998 my husband and I followed our hearts and moved to the UK where we now live in beautiful Dorset in the South of England with our two cats. Writing the Language of Light was a profound experience which has led to many, many more such profound experiences in the time since I wrote it. The Golden Keys provided a blueprint for an enlightened way of living and as their lessons go deeper and deeper in my own life, things unfold with incredible ease and swiftness. It is my joy to be able to connect with others and assist them to also feel blessings and joy in their lives and to inspire them to follow their own unique paths.

Writing feels like a soul calling to me, and since the Language of Light I have written two e-books and co-authored an in-depth guide to the Colour Mirrors system with the founder of Colour Mirrors, Melissie Jolly: The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors.  As well as writing books I have for many years offered Colour Mirrors programmes from introductory to Practitioner, Advanced and Teacher Training although I no longer offer these as my path takes me on new adventures. Over the years I've developed numerous programmes and workshops to facilitate higher consciousness, some for in-person seminars, some as webinars and some in audio format. I have always been on a path of discovery and learning and have watched in awe as my life has unfolded, taking me to exactly where I need to be at any given time. My journey has taken place over many years and I have explored many forms of healing, energy work and personal and spiritual development. I trained in Reiki (to Masters level), NLP, Natural Nutrition, Reconnective Healing, various forms of meditation, Colour Therapy and Metatronic Healing and am a Oneness Blessing (deeksha) giver. 

Korani, which is my soul name, embodies the essence of who I am. When I received this name (which means 'cosmic healer') many years ago, it came into my heart and fit like a key in a lock. Something powerful happened when I began to connect with and use this name. I began to more fully embody the light within me and to live it. Some time later I was given 'Korani Light', hence "Korani Light Centre" is the sum total of all that I am and all that I offer through my work and being. My energy is that of a catalyst, opening you to possibilities and triggering your own incredible potential.

Read more about my journey in The Language of Light and The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors.

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