New 'Awakening' Series of Webinars Begins Sunday 10 October

DSCN4328I'm delighted to announce a brand new series of online webinars beginning Sunday 10 October at 10am BST.

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What happens when you place spiritual growth at the centre of your life?
When you choose to embrace all the blessings of the universe?
When you awaken to a life based on love, peace, joy and inner freedom?

As you awaken to your true nature, life begins to take on a sense of flow and grace which makes navigating even the tricky times simpler and easier, while opening you up to the infinite possibilities and joys of an awakened life.

In this webinar series we'll be exploring what it means to awaken and diving deep with meditations and energy transmissions focused on igniting and expanding your own awakening process as well as holding a vision of an awakened humanity.

You can watch a short introductory video here

Find out more about the first webinar on 10/10 here


Spiritual Sovereignty 2New Facebook Group: Awakening

I have just set up a new private FB group for those who are committed to their own awakening process who also hold a vision for an awakened humanity and a planet where peace, love and joy prevail.

Contact me if you would like to be added to the group.

Recording of Spiritual Sovereignty Webinar Now Available

The recording of this recent webinar has now been added to the Shop.

This one-hour webinar explores what spiritual sovereignty is and why it is becoming more significant at this time and flows into a empowering meditative connection to put you in touch with your spiritual sovereignty.

During this workshop you will connect with three beautiful Colour Mirrors essences:

*Gold Dragon to remind you of your fearlessness and courage
*Archangel Michael to align you with truth and integrity
*The Rose Gold light of the Divine Mother, a gift of pure love and grace

This webinar is designed to facilitate a stronger, clearer alignment with your own spiritual essence and to support you on the path to self-mastery.

In the Shop you will also find the option to purchase the recordings of other online workshops held recently.

Korani Light Centre

There has never been a more potent time to step into greater awareness, expand your view of the world, open to the possibilities the universe has to share with you and free yourself from perceived limitations. If you are ready to engage more fully with the Divine being you truly know yourself to be,  the world of colour, light, energy and consciousness offers much for you to explore!

Before coming into human form, we know who we are, that we are each a Divine expression of love.  By the time we've been through the process of shifting our light into physicality and taking on the weight of third-dimensional vibrations, we've managed to forget - quite successfully usually - who we REALLY are; the truth of our light.  The ride we are now on, which some call Ascension, or Awakening, is the journey home to the conscious awareness of our truth, light and joy. 

Starlight heart grid smaller

What can I offer you?

As we evolve and grow, we release our lower denser vibrational energies and step into our true authentic glorious light. One of my joys is to help facilitate your journey back to the heart of your light so that you might remember and access again all that you are. There are many ways in which I can be of assistance to you as you travel your path:

*Empowering online workshops and webinars to connect with like-hearted people and share in the magic of an experiential journey
*Colour Mirrors oils and essences - potent, beautiful, light-infused oils and essences to mirror to you your Divine truth
*A range of Starlights - coloured, scented, blissful essences to connect you with the stars and the cosmic light within
*Books & E-books - information, inspiration and energy transmissions for those who are ready to take flight
*Recorded webinars, audio programmes & videos - sharing life-enhancing insights, teachings, experiences
*Newsletters - sent from time to time to keep you updated on the latest news, information and resources

P1040658Underlying all my work is a fundamental sense of complete awe for the journeys we are all taking. This is partnered by a profound sense of gratitude and love for the Earth herself and the Divine energy which guides each of us toward the expression of our own unique light.  My energy is that of a catalyst, activating within you what is already there just waiting to be awoken.

You will find further information in the pages of this website on all that I have to share with you. 

I invite you to browse to see what resonates for you.  Enjoy!

What I love about what you do is that you invite us to be fully present, to open to the higher realms of 5D and our own multi-dimensional self, to connect with and anchor the light of love and consciousness on the Earth plane by embodying it and transmuting the blockages within us that obstruct this light. It is very refreshing and nourishing for me. ~ Lena


One of the most potent ways to connect with the light and power of who you really are is to join us on a workshop.  I offer many and varied online courses, all designed to uplift, inspire and en-lighten your path and remind you of the beauty within you and the joy of living your light on the Earth. 

You will find my current offerings on my Workshops page.

Colour Mirrors

Colour Mirrors is a dynamic, powerful, evolutionary system which uses colour and energy to assist you in realising your own light, lifting your vibration, accelerating your growth, unlocking your potential and recognising your magnificence.  It enhances all healing and transformation processes, but it is also much more than a healing tool.

Colour Mirrors is about attuning you to a higher frequency, enabling and facilitating the shifts you are ready to make. Each of the many radiant colour bottles in the system has its own meaning, its own 'note' or vibration. You will be drawn to some and not others, and your choices will reveal information, insights and understanding about yourself and your life. If you want to go deep inside your own light and potential, Colour Mirrors is a key and a guide and, of course, a glorious mirror.  It will show you, gently but honestly, where you have been holding yourself back and will then light the way for you to take your next steps.

Find out more about Colour Mirrors.

Colour Mirrors Oils and Essences

P1000064Perhaps you will find yourself drawn to one of the beautiful Colour Mirrors oils and essences to support and guide you in your ongoing awakening to the fullness and joy of being you.

Colour has been used for centuries in healing, offering support to the totality of your being - body, mind and spirit.   In Colour Mirrors we have a tool which takes energy and light and vibration and makes it tangible, accessible and real.  It becomes something which we can experience with our human senses as well as our more finely tuned higher aspects.  In other words, it is something our bodies can respond to and relate to - and this makes a huge difference to any healing or transformational process.  When we 'get' the shift at a cellular, bodily level, we really get it!

There are many ways to connect with and work with the oils and essences, all of which are designed to assist you in coming more fully into your light and authentic power.

You can view the palette of all the Colour Mirrors Bottles to spend time browsing, or visit the Shop to purchase.

DSC00460 smStarlights

In 2012, I was guided to bring through three Starlight energies for a series of workshops to assist us in reclaiming our stellar brillance and to land our beautiful light on the Earth.  The range has continued to grow and now totals 16 sparkling luminescent essences and 8 divine coloured oils made by the wonderful Melissie Jolly.  You can find out more on the Starlights page and view the individual bottles, read their meanings and purchase them in the Shop.

Colour Mirrors Courses and Training

G10If you want to dive deep, I highly recommend taking a Colour Mirrors course.  You may even choose to become a Colour Mirrors practitioner or teacher.  One of the joys of Colour Mirrors is that it will fit with whatever you are already doing, or may even guide you into new waters altogether. The training options are the beginning of our work with this magnificent system, after that it is up to each of us to find where it fits on our path. Some take the workshops purely for their own growth. Others find new, innovative and exciting ways to incorporate what they learn into their life and work. Whatever feels right for you, connecting with Colour Mirrors opens many doorways and offers you many options.

I am a Colour Mirrors teacher trainer and for many years have offered all levels of this awesome system to those who feel called to experience something beyond the ordinary! Lately however I've been called to let go of teaching these courses to make way for new offerings but all of them include Colour Mirrors in some form!). There are numerous wonderful CM teachers around the globe now who can offer the training in this beautiful, powerful system.  Visit for details.

Find out more.


To date I've written or co-authored four books, all of which contain powerful energy transmissions which flow to you as you read. 

The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors 3D smThe latest is a comprehensive guide to the entire Colour Mirrors system and the spiritual principles upon which it is based.  Co-authored with the founder of the Colour Mirrors system, Melissie Jolly, this book takes you deep inside the system and all it has to offer.  It has been a powerful and revealing process to work our way through each and every bottle and essence in the system to discover more about how these beautiful colourful tools can guide, assist and support.  The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors is now available to purchase in the Shop.

Sunrise 3My first book, "The Language of Light: Golden Keys to Ascension", played a huge part in bringing me to great peace, serenity and enjoyment of life.  The writing of this book brought me such joy and tapped into much of the wisdom I have gleaned thus far over my almost 30 years on the spiritual path.  It also took me into contact with information and energy from 'the future', and I now live the Golden Keys in my everyday life and find they are a path to inspiration, joy, awareness and most of all, ease.

One of the great gifts of this work is that it helps me free myself from judgement - and that makes life not only amazing but also so much simpler.  The Language of Light is fundamentally about helping you release yourself from the entangling trap of judgement and step into a much greater awareness of the perfection of everything in your life.

The Language of Light is a blueprint, a template for living your light right here on the planet.  The Golden Keys are tools to help re-empower you, bringing you into alignment with your own highest truth and light so that you can live that light in your everyday life.

Find out more about The Language of Light.

A Book of Platinum Light E-Book

Platinum Light e-book cover smallA Book of Platinum Light contains seven "Platinum Portals", each of which serves as a gateway to open and expand you into greater awareness so that you might access more of the Divine being you truly are.  These seven Portals relate to the seven Platinum Gaia oils in the Colour Mirrors range.

Each Portal carries a particular vibration that facilitates you in awakening to your vastness.  This book invites you to open to the greater you.  It shares with you the possibilities available when you cease to define and limit yourself and instead acknowledge the infinite beauty and wonder of who you really are.

Find out more about A Book of Platinum Light.

Visit the Colour Mirrors Bottles page to view or purchase any of the Platinum Gaia bottles.

Colour Conversations: An E-book for Practitioners, Teachers and Friends of Colour Mirrors

4342 Korani - Cover 12 smallerColour Conversations is a comprehensive guide and resource mainly aimed at those who love, work and play with Colour Mirrors and who wish to take their experience to a deeper level.  On the face of it this e-book is about colour combinations and Colour Mirrors bottles and the ways they interact.  In actual fact it is more about life and the many different lenses through which we can choose to view it, so it will appeal to anyone who would like to explore and make sense of life through the powerful medium of colour.  It takes the form of a lengthy series of conversations I had with Colour Mirrors creator Melissie Jolly over a period of several years.  

You can find more information here and listen to some introductory audios to hear more about colour combinations and the e-book and of course you can purchase your own copy to store on your device or print out for handy reference and to dip into whenever you wish.

Heart fire smallerWebinars and Audio Programmes

Webinars and audio programmes are a great tool because wherever you are in the world, you can tune in and explore various topics which will take you deeper on your spiritual journey.  You can find out more about the audio programmes and webinar series we've gathered together for you on the Courses page.

New Earth Energies

Coral gaias smallWe began with the seven Golden Gaia energies I wrote about in the book, "The Language of Light".  These golden energies showed us new ways of being, new possibilities for life on the life on Earth. They set in place a whole foundation for the new Golden Age.  Next were seven Platinum Gaia bottles to remind us of our vastness and that we could be cosmic, galactic light, right here on Earth.  They took us to a more expanded place than we had been before so that we could move beyond our limitations.

Then came five Coral Gaia bottles to anchor it all in a deep and powerful way yet with a light, loving touch.  The Coral Gaias say: "The time has come.  What are we waiting for?  Why are we waiting to live heaven on earth when it is already within?"  In 2012 we were gifted with six Silver Gaias, collectively called 'Homecoming' which offer us the promise of heaven, earth and all that is in between; and in 2016 came the final bottles in the Gaia, the deep, rich Magenta Gaias - also called "The Anchors" -  inviting us to anchor all our light and beingness right here on the planet.

These Gaia energies are the frequencies of the "New Earth" - high vibration, luminescent, transmuting energies whose role is to help us awaken to greater levels of conscious awareness so that we might function as awakened beings upon an awakened planet.  They serve as a blueprint, lifting our light to ever-higher levels while at the same time grounding and anchoring that light ever more fully so that together we can actualise this New Earth.

Read more about the New Earth Energies.

Gold, Platinum, Coral, Silver and Magenta Gaia bottles are available to view and purchase here.

FREE Resources

Here you'll find a selection of resources to take you deeper into the world of colour, light and transformation.  Enjoy!

Visit Free Resources page to find out more.


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