Ease, Expansion, Empowerment

E WebinarWelcome to the next offering in the Awakening Series of online workshops, inviting you to go both deeper and higher on your spiritual journey. This webinar is open to anyone, particularly those with a call to be part of the global awakening occurring on the planet right now!

What happens when you place your spiritual growth at the centre of your life?
When you choose to embrace all the blessings of the universe?
When you awaken to a life based on love, peace, joy and inner freedom?

Welcome to ‘The Awakening Series' of live webinars!

As you awaken to your true nature, life begins to take on a sense of flow and grace which makes navigating even the tricky times simpler and easier, while opening you up to the infinite possibilities and joys of an awakened life.

In this series we'll be exploring what it means to awaken and diving deep with meditations and energy transmissions focused on igniting and expanding your own awakening process as well as holding a vision of an awakened humanity.

Immersing in some of the specific qualities of ‘awakening’ during each of the workshops will:

*create a deeper connection with the Divine
*engage you more fully with your own inner light or essence
*guide you towards greater peace, trust, inspiration and happiness
*assist you in flowing through life with greater ease and joy

As a conscious 'lightworker' or someone who has a passion for spiritual growth and expansion, these workshops will:

• ignite sparks within you and open gateways to a more 'enlightened' life
• provide signposts to help you follow your soul's calling
• help you to access the Divine grace that is always available to you

A free video giving you a taste of the series and what it has to offer is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvpteFidp8I&t=118s

For this live webinar, the themes are ease, expansion and empowerment.

Through exploration, meditations, exercises and light language transmissions we will tap into these themes and open to their gifts and messages for our daily life and our ongoing spiritual evolution.

In this webinar we will:


  • Embrace the elevated energies of the Elohim (celestial beings in the angelic realms)
  • Engage with our true essence
  • Explore effortlessness and ease
  • Enjoy enlightened expansion
  • Evolve into embodied empowerment

If you are unable to take part in the live call, the recording will be sent to all who register.

Booking Your Place:

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Payment Method:

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Event Properties

Event Date 02-02-2022 6:00 pm
Event End Date 02-02-2022 8:00 pm
Individual Price £22.00
Location Online