The Power of the Pearls

Pearls of Wisdom 2This course consists of 4x 90 minute classes to bring the potent power of the Pearls into your life.

Taking two of the beautiful Pearl oils from the Colour Mirrors range each week, we'll explore their messages and meanings, open to the wondrous, luminous light they bring and discover exactly how they can support, guide and benefit us.

The Pearls have been called the 'Pearls of Wisdom' and they certainly are that! They also have an 'other-worldly' beauty and grace which transcends the mundane and the ordinary and reminds us that buried deep inside whatever exterior 'shell' we might have put up around us, resides a precious, lustrous, Divine pearl - the true essence of who we are.

What are the Pearls?

The Pearls represent a new paradigm of peace and plenty on the earth, new ways of being and fresh hope for humanity.
With their soft pearlescent colours and exquisite gentleness, they light up souls, open hearts, break down resistances and, with subtle yet potent power, gently bring about transformation.
They have a special connection with the inner child and help us feel safe, held, loved and supported on the planet.
The Pearls pave the way for a life filled with Divine grace and Divine blessings.

In the first week we will connect with the expansive energies of the Green Pearl and the Blue Pearl.

Green PearlThe Green Pearl:
*Activates the 'new' heart - our true power centre
*Opens up a new space for more love, more generosity, more gentleness in our life
*Reminds us how to love and be loved

Blue PearlThe Blue Pearl:
*Helps us free up any blocks to manifesting what we desire
*Takes us into a soft, gentle space in which to create
*Guides us to find our true voice and to listen with our inner being

Week Two brings us the beautiful gifts of the Pink Pearl and the White Pearl.

Pink PearlThe Pink Pearl:
*Shows us the new level of love we can experience when we see the Divine truth about ourselves
*Touches the innermost core of our innocent self, our starchild self, our pure radiant self
*Helps us remember the perfect light we came from

White PearlThe White Pearl:
*Emanates intense light and power with infinite softness
*Reminds us that we are whole and complete, needing nothing beyond our own light source
*Is deeply healing for any wounds we are ready to release

Week Three will take us into the joys of the Yellow-Gold Pearl and the Rose Gold Pearl.

Yellow Gold PearlThe Yellow-Gold Pearl:
*Lifts the vibration on the planet and within ourselves
*Helps us find our true inner joy
*Activates our genuine power so that we can be true to ourselves, unafraid to share who we are

Rose Gold PearlThe Rose Gold Pearl:
*Connects us with the Divine Mother of the Divine - the pure radiance of the Divine Feminine
*Melts our defences, softens our resistances
*Opens our hearts wide to the gloriousness of love, of life, of the Divine, of the Earth

In the fourth and final week of the course, we will receive the balancing light of the Turquoise Pearl and the Lilac Pearl.

Turquoise PearlThe Turquoise Pearl:
*Opens us to the dazzling glory of freshness, freedom and inspiration
*Is powerfully supportive of our creative endeavours
*Reminds us of the interconnectedness of all life and the global nature of our reality

Lilac PearlThe Lilac Pearl:

*Helps us to release grief, sadness and heaviness and open to a softer, sweeter space in our life
*Brings restorative, nurturing, healing light into our body and being
*Reminds us of the magic to be found everywhere

The classes will consist of exploration, exercises and meditations and will include opportunities for sharing.

This will be a deep, soul-filled, nurturing and expansive space to come together and bask in the beautiful light of these transcendent energies.

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International payments: Wise is the preferred method, or paypal.

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Event End Date 21-03-2022 1:30 pm
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