Starlight Experience Online - Parts Two & Three

The next part of the Starlights Online Experience will take place over two days - 11 July and 19 July. 

Infinite RadianceWe'll pick up where we left of in Part One, by exploring the remaining 12 bottles in the Starlights range, in these 4 trios:  Starlight Infinity, Starlight Radiance, Infinite Radiance; Starlight Joy, Starlight Being, Joyful Being; Starlight Innocence, Starlight Fire, The Hearth; Starlight Awakening, Starlight Remembrance and Stardust.

Joy and Being 5These incredible energies will guide you on the path of awakening and expansion.  You will experience their potency and light as they help you shift into the next level of awareness and connection with the source of all light.  Let them support you in your everyday life and help you see the 'bigger picture' of what is unfolding on our planet.

The Starlight energies are unique, special, intriguing and hugely inspiring. They will take you deeply into the treasures of your own starlight so that you might live it here on the Earth. If you've been waiting to discover more of who you are and what you're here for, the Starlights will light your path. If you're ready to engage with the most magnificent light you hold within, the Starlight energies will help take you there. If you're ready to experience frequencies of light, love and inspiration beyond the ordinary, take the next step on your Starlight adventure!

If you missed Part One, you can purchase the video recordings from that event and watch those prior to Parts Two & Three so that you can join in - contact me for details.

Please note:
the workshop consists of two half-day sessions 8 days apart. Although you may choose to do one or the other, it is strongly recommended that you do both. If you are unable to take part in both sessions 'live', they will be recorded. You will gain more from 'being there' however so do join in live if you possibly can!

Find out more about the Starlights here.

Event Properties

Event Date 11-07-2020 2:00 pm
Event End Date 19-07-2020 6:00 pm
Individual Price £60.00
Location Online
We are no longer accepting registration for this event