Starlight Experience

DSC00518 smThis immersive experience is an opportunity to dive into the Starlight realms and discover the light, beauty and potency of your own inner 'starlight'.

Using the set of delicious sparkling oils and essences from the Starlight range, created specifically for this work, you will explore the cosmic worlds through meditations, exercises, transmissions and light language activations.

This workshop is open to anyone who feels called to be there - whether you have attended a Starlight workshop before or not, whether you are familiar with Colour Mirrors or not.

This is a weekend of self-love, self-care and self-nurture as you bask, bathe and 'be' in the beautiful Starlight frequencies.

The workshop will open doors to the vast limitlessness that you are and allow you to really feel, know and experience your own unique light. It will be a time for exploration and discovery as you journey into the starlight realms and open to those aspects of yourself so that you might bring them into your everyday life right here on the earth.

Reconnecting with your *starry* self is potent because it reminds you that:

*you are vast, limitless and infiinite
*life can be based on love, peace, joy and freedom
*life is lived in this way is so much easier, more joyful, creative and flowing

The Starlight energies are unique, special, intriguing and hugely inspiring.  If you've been waiting to discover more of who you are and what you're here for, the Starlights will light your path. If you're ready to engage with the most magnificent light you hold within, the Starlight energies will help take you there. If you're ready to experience frequencies of light, love and inspiration beyond the ordinary, come and join us!

Find out more about the Starlights here.

Starlight Experience weekends are just that - no notes, no manuals, no 'training', the Starlight Experience is about you and your light and a rich experience of life 'beyond the illusion'.

During this highly experiential workshop you will:

Creation*engage with the 16 sparkling Starlight essences and 8 beautiful Starlight oils
•explore your starlight connections and open ever more fully to your stellar origins to receive guidance, inspiration and higher levels of light
•explore the deeper meaning of your cosmic light and how you can live that in your everyday life
•use "light grids" to experience beautiful energy transmissions
•anchor cosmic energies in your physical and light bodies through the light grids and the use of a spoken “Light Language”

The Starlight Experience workshop offers you an opportunity to connect, explore and discover your personal starlight connections in your own unique way with the support of the beautiful oils and essences. It also connects us all to the greater, wider field of possibilities that occur when we come together in our individual uniqueness, each bringing our light and coming together for good of the greater whole.

During the workshop we will connect with all of the Starlights and they will be available to purchase during the workshop. Each one encompasses Divine qualities for higher levels of conscious living.

View the bottles in the Shop.

There will be much exploring, playing and discovering this weekend. Be willing to open high, expand your light and anchor it here on earth!

Costs: £200 payable in cash at the time of the workshop or in advance by direct bank transfer (details available on request).

To find out more about the Starlight workshops and essences visit the Starlights page and contact me if you have any questions.

Event Properties

Event Date 04-04-2020 10:00 am
Event End Date 05-04-2020 4:30 pm
Individual Price £200.00
Location Wiltshire - Private residence