Starlight Experience Online - Day Two

DSC00518 smDay One - Starlight Foundation - Saturday 4 April
2-6pm UK time (find your timezone here:

This workshop begins on the auspicious date of 4/4/2020 (a triple 4).  This is a powerful energy portal, a time of truly claiming our ability to co-create a new reality here on earth.

On today’s workshop we will build a strong and solid yet light and love-filled foundation on which to base our lives and fill it with the beautiful, radiant starlight that is the truth of who we are.

Through meditations, light transmissions and the energies of the Starlight bottles we will go on a journey to the light at the centre of our being.

To begin, we will immerse ourselves in the energies of Starlight Love, Starlight Freedom and the Lotus and remember again that we are free to love, to be loved, to be love, no matter what is going on around us.

We will remember that the true power within us is love and that our guiding light is a heart aligned with love and a spirit aligned with freedom.

Next we will connect with Starlight Peace, Starlight Perception and Stillness and remember again how to see with the Divine perception that guides us into peace within our bodies and our lives.

We will engage with the stillness at the core of our being and remember that peace is the way forward.

Starlight heart gridThemes for Day One:

Love is the key and the core to everything.
Freedom is our true nature.
Peace is our guiding light.
Perception enables us to view all of life from the higher view and see the bigger picture.


Day Two – Starlight Adventure - Sunday 5 April
2-6pm (UK time)

On Day Two we will bask in Starlight Rapture and Starlight Magic – and find ourselves ‘Rapt in Magic’.

We will remember the finer, higher, lighter strands of our being that guide us towards bliss and beauty, wonderment and joy, even in these uncertain times.

Tuning in to the energies of Starlight Connection, Starlight Creation and Earth Light, we will remember how to create from a place of love and contribute our own unique light to the whole.

Themes for Day Two:

CreationRapture is the bliss of being divinely connected.
Magic happens when we align with the starlight within.
Connection is the basis of all life and awakens our creativity.
Creativity is our soul’s deepest and highest calling.

When we combine these energies, life becomes a wonderful adventure!  At a time such as this, when the whole planet is in a state of flux and change, we can learn to ride the energies with joy rather than feel buffeted by the winds of change.

Using the set of delicious sparkling oils and essences from the Starlight range, created specifically for this work, you will experience meditations, exercises, transmissions and light language activations.

This workshop is open to anyone who feels called to be there - whether you have taken part in a Starlight workshop before or not, whether you are familiar with Colour Mirrors or not.

This will be a weekend to wrap yourself in the love of the Divine and bask, bathe and 'be' in the beautiful Starlight frequencies.

The workshop will help you to open doors to the vastness that you are and allow you to feel, know and experience the divinely loving support of the cosmos. It will be a time for journeying into the starlight realms and opening to those aspects of yourself so that you might bring them into your everyday life right here on the earth.

Reconnecting with your *starry* self is potent because it reminds you that:

*you are vast, limitless, infinite
*life can be based on love, peace, joy and freedom
*life lived in this way is so much easier, more joyful, creative and flowing

The Starlight energies are unique, special and inspiring.  If you're ready to experience frequencies of light, love and inspiration beyond the ordinary, come and join us!

Find out more about the Starlights here.

DSC00469The Starlight Experience workshop offers you an opportunity to connect, explore and discover your personal starlight connections with the support of the beautiful Starlight oils and essences. It also connects us all to the greater, wider field of possibilities that occur when we come together in our individual uniqueness, each bringing our light and coming together for the good of the greater whole.

You will get the most out of this workshop by taking part in both days, although there is an option to do one day only.  The event will be recorded and the recording made available afterwards.

Investment: £60 in total for both days.

In these current testing times, if that fee feels impossible for you, I am open to a donation.  Don't let finances be a reason not to do the workshop if it is calling you!  Contact me if so.

Timing: 2-6pm UK time (GMT + 1 hour) each day.

Please note that the UK is now on British Summer Time.  Work out your time zone:

You can view the Starlight bottles in the Shop.

To find out more about the Starlight workshops and essences visit the Starlights page and contact me if you have any questions.

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