Divine Transformation

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Join me for a brand new 5-month journey of deep transformation, awakening and spiritual evolution!

Overlit by the Divine consciousness of the being we call Yeshua and the marvellous energies of the Colour Mirrors Starlights set, this will be an adventure unlike any we've taken before!

We’ll come together once a fortnight for a Zoom class where we’ll be exploring higher levels of consciousness, awakening and expansion, and opening to the gifts and blessings of the pure radiant light of our inner Divine.

This journey will absolutely be for our own growth, yet we’ll also be taking it as an offering of service to humanity. As we evolve our consciousness, so we make it possible for others to do the same.


As the embodiment of that which we call Christ Consciousness, or Divine Consciousness, Yeshua will overlight our programme, supporting and guiding us as we journey deeper into the heart of our true light and power to discover what it means for us to live as Divine beings on the Earth.

What is Divine Consciousness?

Put very simply, it is the consciousness of love. It is a frequency and a vibration that transcends human limitations and elevates us beyond the smallness of ego and mind.

There are many more facets to Divine Consciousness, of course, and this is part of what we will explore during our time together:

“What does it mean to live in and from awareness of our Divine nature?”

The being known as Yeshua received the ‘Christed’ consciousness during his human lifetime and was able to embody it fully. As lightworkers and conscious beings on the Earth, we are being invited to awaken to Divine consciousness too. It is, perhaps, the very reason we incarnated here at this time! As one who has taken the journey, Yeshua will be a guide for us, but please know that this consciousness (and this course) is not about any religion, faith or belief system, nor is it restricted to a chosen few. We all have the potential to awaken to the full power of the Divine light within.

Starlight heart gridStarlights

It is now exactly eleven years since the first Starlights (Love, Peace and Joy) were born, at the first of the two full moons in August 2012 (a month called a blue moon – as we have just experienced again recently!).

I’ve been feeling the awesome, brilliant light of the Starlights calling again lately. They’ve been indicating that there is much more to share. My sense is that in this course, they will shine on us in a whole new way for this new time and bring insights and revelations we could not receive from them until now!

We’ll also tap into the wisdom and support of other Colour Mirrors bottles as they call to us during the course.

Zoom Classes

Starting in October 2023 and running until March 2024, Zoom classes of around 1 ½ - 2 hours will be held each fortnight (with a break over Christmas/New Year), with suggestions for play and exploration during the intervals between classes.

There will be 12 classes in total, and the first class is planned for Tuesday 17th October at 11am BST.

This course is not a set, prescribed journey, with pre-defined steps marked out along the way.

Instead, it will be a co-creative unfolding, allowing us to be ‘in the moment’ with whatever is arising and being revealed to us as we travel our paths. It feels very exciting as we will be stepping off into the unknown, yet we will be completely held and guided throughout.

As a member of the group, you’ll be asked to attend the live calls, even though recordings will be sent afterwards. You’ll be an active participant and co-creator in the process, and your attendance will make all the difference to your own journey and to the group.

In Addition...

*As a member of the group, you will be given the (rare!) opportunity to book 1 or 2 one-to-one online sessions with me during the course should you wish to do so (additional fees will apply).

*There will be ongoing support during the course, including an online forum only for group members.

*There may be an opportunity to attend a separate weekend workshop in person in the UK after the 6-month process.

*If you have a project you wish to get started, or one which you’d like to bring to fruition, or an area of your life you wish to focus on transforming, you may like to use this period of time and this course to help you do so. This is simply an option, however, not a requirement of the course.

Yeshua essenceColour Mirrors Bottles

I’d highly recommend for this course that you purchase the Yeshua essence and at least 2 Starlight essences of your choice. If you decide to ‘go for it’, you may wish to have all the Starlights, but this is optional.

So… Are you ready for Divine Transformation?!

For this course, I am calling those who are committed to spiritual evolution for themselves and the planet.

You’ll have a powerful inner pull to go deep into your own expansion of consciousness and also to be part of something ‘greater’ than your own journey.

Our fortnightly meetings will take place online in a safe and sacred space where we can share with one another and support each other. We’ll be guided by the Divine hand of Yeshua and the loving beings of the Starlight realms to activate our Divine creativity, expansion, fulfilment, joy - and so much more.

Booking Your Place

This course will be open to a SMALL group only, so if you’re called to be there, don’t delay in booking your place!

Your Investment

Choose one of these three options:

Full payment by 13 October 2023 = £777

3x payments of £275 = £825

6x payments of £148 = £888

If you require additional options, we can find a payment plan to suit. Just ask when you reserve your place.

Payment is requested by bank transfer, or WISE or other currency exchange service if you are outside the UK (not Paypal, thanks so much!).

Course Dates: Please make sure you can attend.

17 October
31 October
14 November
28 November
12 December

9 January
23 January
6 February
20 February
5 March
19 March
26 March

As a small group we’ll travel together in a supportive environment, growing and learning from each other. Our group will also be activating light in the world and in the cosmos in a multitude of ways, some of which we may never fully understand!

By being on this adventure you’ll be part of something greater, and the group will be richer for your presence!

This is going to be truly transformational!!

Any questions? Just ask!

Event Properties

Event Date 17-10-2023 11:00 am
Event End Date 26-03-2024 12:30 pm
Individual Price £777.00
Location Online
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