"Being Light" Online Programme Part 8 of 8: Source Light

DSC00518What would it be like to know yourself as light, limitless and eternal? To feel, sense and know that you are a radiant source of light and that your only real 'purpose' here is to be that light? To know that in being the light you are contributing to the interconnected network of light and that this light is needed now more than ever, to assist the Earth and humanity to fulfill our destiny?

In this year of huge change and growth we are being asked to commit ever more fully to being the light on the planet. As those of you who work with Colour Mirrors know, bottle 20 is called 'Awakening' and bottle 18 is 'Spiritual/Material Conflict'. 2018 is a year in which we are fully supported in finally recognising, integrating and putting behind us those conflicts. It is time to choose to live in alignment with the Divine, with the light that we are.

If we choose to take a step back from 3D 'reality' and embrace the higher dimensions, we can move into the finer and more subtle energies of G20 'Abode of Bliss' and G18 'Limitless'. With these energies as our guides we can choose to soar and expand into the light more and more, right here on Earth. We can also choose to support Gaia as she transitions more and more fully into her light form.

As a part of this expansion, I am so excited to be offering this brand new online programme.  You will be able to take part from anywhere in the world via the Zoom online meeting forum.

The new programme is called "Being Light" and is for those who are truly committed to being of service to the light.  It is more about who we 'be' than what we do and as such, the programme will have a simplicity that will also be nonetheless rich and full.  I personally feel as if I have been waiting all my life for this... and I am so honoured to be able to share it now with those who feel called to take part.

Taking part in the "Being Light" online programme will upgrade your own light quotient, inspire you to new levels with your work/creative passions and open doorways for you, but the key intention here is for us to join together so that we can all contribute our unique radiance to the vast and growing network of light encircling the planet and to take our place in the spiritual evolution of this planet. It will be as much about contributing to the expansion of the collective light as it will be about our own growth.

Some time ago I was shown a cosmic circle of light, a web of light lines connecting up to form a circle or wheel, a network of light through which flow 8 specific qualities, frequencies and sources of light.  The energies that are now flowing to me through these light lines is so beautiful and I am so happy to be sharing it!

Star image

The 8 Light Sources are:

*Star Light
*Moon Light
*Sun Light
*Earth Light
*Fire Light
*Heart Light
*Soul Light
*Source Light/Creation Light

Over 8 fortnightly online 'Zoom' sessions we will focus on one aspect or spoke of this cosmic Circle of Light and will connect and share in meditations, light transmissions and processes with the express intent of heightening your connection to the light in all forms and enabling you to utilise the light of the universe more effectively in your own life and for the greater good. This programme will benefit you personally and all of us collectively.  Each of the 8 Light Sources will guide us in whatever we came here to be and to do, individually and together.

While each of these light sources is unique and special, what we will come to see is that of course they are all aspects of the One Source of Divine Light and so the course will evolve to culminate in the 8th and final session where we bring it all together in the light of Source - this promises to be extra-special!

We will connect with Colour Mirrors and Starlight bottles during the course although it is not essential that you have the particular bottles we will be working with as their energies will flow to you during the online sessions whether you choose to work with them physically or not. The course is not a Colour Mirrors course and is not specifically based around the bottles but they will be lovely support for those who choose to work with them.  The programme is open to anyone who feels the call in their heart ot be part of it.

The Zoom classes are scheduled to begin Thursday 12 April from 7.00-8.30pm GMT (end time approximate - may vary slightly from session to session) and will continue on a fortnightly basis until the final call on 19 July.  Please note:  This programme is now underway and registrations for this session are closed.  It will begin again in October 2018.

The cost for the entire course is £199 if paid upfront at the time the course begins. You may pay in two instalments of £110 each, or 4 monthly payments of £55. Please let me know at the time you register if you wish to choose either of the instalment options.

Your commitment will be to attend each of the fortnightly online sessions. What you do with the information and inspiration you receive on each call is then up to you but in the spirit of 'being' the light my sense is that this course will to inspire you ever more fully in your Divine beingness.  This may or may not then translate into guided action.  For each of us it will be different but the way will be made clear.

To take part you will need to join Zoom (free of charge and easy to set up): https://zoom.us/signup

Zoom enables us all to 'meet' in the ether in a forum that is easy to join and to use. If you haven't used it before, it is like a webinar except that we can all see each other via online video. I will facilitate the programme but parts of each session will be interactive, with opportunities for you to share and comment at appropriate times.

You will be sent a reminder email before each call and the link to join will be included.

There is a private Facebook group just for those who are on the course, so that you can share your experiences, ask questions and support each other.

To book your place please click on the Register button. Something happens when we commit to ourselves, to the universe, to the light and I know that for those of you who feel a call to this programme things will begin happening the moment you say yes!

Do not expect your world to look the same by the end of the course.  You will feel, know and experience the possibilities for a truly new world for yourself and for us all. You will also have a clearer sense of your place in the cosmos and what it is you have come to be and do here at this incredibly special time.

I so look forward to sharing this beautiful new work with you and to joining together to increase our own light and the light of the planet exponentially.

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Event Date 19-07-2018 7:00 pm
Event End Date 19-07-2018 8:30 pm
Individual Price £25.00
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