The Eight Pearls of Wisdom are a set of luminous, glowing coloured oils whose shimmery light reminds you of where it is that pearls are found: in the depth of the ocean and in the depths of yourself.  Their energy is that of awakening and the return of the Divine Feminine on earth.  Bathe in these luxurious oils to facilitate shift and change and a profound realisation of the pearls you carry within.


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8. Lilac Pearl

Here is a new space for your spirit to reside: a tender, ...


7. Turquoise Pearl

This glowing Turquoise Pearl speaks of freedom. It brings ...


6. Rose Gold Pearl

The Rose Gold is The One - the Queen of the set. She holds ...


5. Yellow-Gold Pearl

This pearl asks that you find that place inside yourself ...


4. White Pearl

The White Pearl is the core of white hot light at the ...


3. Pink Pearl

This Pearl is only love. It is the Divine love that created ...


2. Blue Pearl

This bottle is about awakening to your true Divine self and ...


1. Green Pearl

This Pearl opens up a new space inside for more love, more ...