Webinars are a great tool for bringing us together and sharing information, events and experiences.  Anyone anywhere in the world can listen in to a webinar so long as you have access to the internet.  A webinar is like an online audio-visual seminar or workshop that you can take part in from your own home.  If you can't make it at the time the webinar is broadcast you can still listen in whenever it suits as you'll receive the recordings of the seminars which can then be replayed as often as you wish. Webinars are easy to register for and require very little in the way of technical know-how to take part in with simple clear instructions emailed to you prior to the event. 

We've discovered just how powerful webinars are and we use them to share the wonders of colour and Colour Mirrors. 

8 Spiritual Principles to Ascension

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This webinar series takes you on a powerful journey through the colour spectrum and across the rainbow bridge to Ascension.  Colour Mirrors creator Melissie Jolly has gathered together 8 key principles from her storehouse of wisdom and guidance to assist anyone who would like to flow with life, release blockages to happiness and open up spiritually to higher levels of awareness.  The first seven principles connect with each of the seven major chakra colours and the eighth connects with the Soul Star or 8th chakra above the crown, and the colour magenta.

The webinar series 8 Spiritual Principles to Ascension is now available to purchase so that you can receive all the benefits of the series even if you couldn’t be there at the time. 

The Spiritual Fitness Intensive Series

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Based around the first 36 bottles of the Colour Mirrors range, this webinar series will kick-start you on an exciting "fitness" programme for your spirit and reveal the hidden places within where you’ve been blocking yourself, offer you tips on how to shift those blocks simply and swiftly and act as a potent "detox" for any clogged up old issues, beliefs and programmes you're still running.  It will help you reconnect so that you can have access to a swift and clear spiritual connection all the time and help you expand your life and light the path ahead.  It will provide you with the spiritual nourishment to feed your creative potential and offer you keys to shift to a higher level in your life. 

You can now purchase The Spiritual Fitness Intensive Series so that you can receive all the benefits of the series even if you were unable to be there at the time.

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