Heart Fire Alchemy

A burst of heart-fire love, this 4-part audio programme will pave the way for a life lived from love, an open heart and a resurgence of creativity, reminding you of your power as an alchemical being to create and manifest from love.  Now more than ever we are called to live from our hearts, to fire the engine of love that will create and power the new evolving planet. With the heart flame truly lit and activated from within we can be all that we came here to be and so much more. We can light a flame of love to ignite and transform the planet!

Alchemy of the Heart Fire is a four-part audio series designed to be taken over 4 consecutive weeks, supported by 4 optional but astonishing essences from Colour Mirrors.  Anyone anywhere can take part any time, as the programme is completely audio based. This course is open to ANYONE who feels drawn to re-connect, re-align, re-engage, re-awaken, regenerate the heart flame within.

Heart fire smallerWith our heart fire lit we can:

•    Engage with life
•    Live from a place of inspiration
•    Reconnect with our passion and the calling of our soul
•    Love what challenges us instead of resisting, fighting or hating it
•    Align with our soul's intent and core essence
•    Find zest for life

This series reminds you of the power you have as an alchemist of the Light, accessing the subtle, energetic, unseen forces of the universe and blending them with the physical, tangible, practical elements of life so that you might weave your own personal magic as well as joining with others to craft a new planet.  It offers you a 're-wiring' of your circuits and assists you in unplugging from what you no longer require so that you might plug in to a new reality, a new existence, a new planet, a new way to love and to be.  During the programme you'll discover that an alchemist takes the ordinary and blends it into something extraordinary with love as the power to transform, alchemise and create anything.  The programme itself is alchemical blend of energy, words, colour, light, sound and transmission – all overlit by the potency of love.  The various threads of the programme include an overview of each module and its themes, meditations, Light Language transmissions, activations - and more.

Alchemy of the Heart Fire 

Alchemy of the Heart Fire is offered in four distinct but interlinking modules, each supported by an (optional) beautiful essence from Colour Mirrors to further light your path. 

1) Part One:  Igniting the Heart Fire

In this module you will be offered tools to help you:

*Awaken the heart flame and reconnect to the power of the heart fire
*Discover the alchemist within
*Activate a conflagration of love!
*Open to everything in your life as a portal into your own heart flame

This module is an invitation to live and love from your heart, to be love, live love - and to explore what that means for you.  It is supported by the Jeshua essence (sparkling gold) and the love of the Christ light.

2) Part Two:  Regenerating the Heart Fire

This module invites you to:

*Restore the heart fire to its original blueprint so you can open wider, higher, further - and strengthen, nourish and feed the heart fire of love in your life
*Rest deeply in the peace and space of the heart fire
*Nurture the heart through the Emerald peace flame
*Explore what the creative fire means in your life

This module is supported by the Emerald essence (emerald green).

Heart Fire alchemy

3) Part Three:  Freeing the Heart Fire

In Part Three we take steps to:

*Release the heart fire to let it activate its light on earth and in the cosmos
*Liberate the heart from the heaviness and denisty of the past
*Dive into lightness of being, purity and grace where there is nothing to detract from pure fire of love
*Open to new ideas and creative flow

This module is supported by the Lilac Dragon essence (pale lilac).

4) Part Four:  Alchemising the Heart Fire

In Part Four we sum everything up as we:

*Connect with creation energies, magic and miracles
*Connect with the Golden Earth Fire and the Cosmic Fire as well as our own beautiful heart flame
*Alchemise the heart fire, letting the heart and love lead the way
*Step into creation alchemy, love alchemy - love aligned with mastery

This module is supported by the Heart Fire essence (orange-gold)

As soon as you purchase your copy you will be sent a link to download all the audio files which means you can begin right away!

Athough the programme is designed to flow over 4 consecutive weeks and is best suited to this approach you are of course free to connect with it in whatever ways and in whatever timing suits you. Connecting with the colour essences will definitely enhance your experience, supporting you as you travel the path of the heart-fire and quickening your process, enabling you to go deeper and higher. The essences are all optional however and you can still have an exciting adventure, even without them!

If you are called to align ever more deeply with your own heart fire and the golden earth fire that beats within the heart of the Earth herself, get your copy now! 

Here are some testimonials and feedback I've received from participants in the programme:

“Thank you so much for this wonderful programme.  Amazing is the first word that comes to mind but that doesn't seem enough... I don't think words can do it justice. I love how you talk about all things being possible, it's my all-time favourite quote and I say it to myself every day.   I was listening to you and looking at the pictures of the essences and suddenly saw a rainbow crossing over them, the words 'masterful creation' came to mind.  I’m so thankful to you for giving me this opportunity.  I listened to all the tracks for the Heart Fire essence and felt amazing energy moving through my body.  I have never had such intense experiences before Korani but you have created such an amazing safe place, it's all opening up for me.  I feel really and truly blessed that our paths have crossed, doing this programme has brought me on the most magical journey, I'm so grateful.” 
~ Michelle

"I have just listened to the blessing – Korani, it is heart-stoppingly beautiful and so so powerful.  When you speak that energy it is the song of the Universe - I can hear it through you I LOVE it and your voice is just wondrous.”  ~ Melissie

 “Three days of Heart Fire has given me SUCH a sense of completeness. Wholeness. Of belonging.  Of restful living.  Happy with my decisions, both past and future.  A serenity that I have never begun to know before....” ~ Sarah

"I was coming to the end of one of the greatest challenges of my life when I had the chance to participate in this programme. Through the darkness of my experiences something deep was awakening in me. The opportunity to experience the essences and the recorded teachings enabled me to translate that awakening into my daily life. I had an experience of being invaded from the inside out by love. The gold spoke in new ways to me, it spoke about being passionate about me, and I saw that at the core of everything I am that I am love. The emerald brought even greater surprises. I found, that besides an experience of being loved abundantly, I could through this love control chronic pain! When the Lilac came along, I just couldn't believe my eyes. I immediately saw the opportunity to be strongly held and nurtured in love. Then the orange...The fun available in love to enjoy, relax and take ourselves less seriously! Of course what you will get from the colours will be unique to you, that's the joy of speaking with our hearts through colour. I have truly seen that I am love on a roller coaster, having a rush of feelings and experiences that in the end bring me back to that subtlety- "I'm being me when I'm being love." I will look back on these teachings as a turning point in my life. A time of great blessing, drifting into peacefulness with the light language and transmissions and meditations and being drawn into love with the teachings. If you are considering participating in this programme I sincerely say 'jump into an experience of love which will move you, inspire you to love and reconnect not only to yourself, but to others and the world around you.' " ~ Ray
"I've worked with Jeshua and the Emerald bottles already; and am currently interacting with the Lilac Dragon bottle.  Boy, is she powerful!  Since embarking on the Programme,  my connection with Jeshua has become even deeper and stronger than before.  Jeshua was, and is, beautiful; both the person and the bottle. I couldn't stop shaking the bottle and watching the shimmery swirl. Using the bottle brought a gentleness that found its way into my heart centre in a way that was beyond words, but powerful nonetheless. A gentle re-calibration.  The Emerald bottle was definitely different.  I could actually sense a soft expansiveness within as I worked with the bottle and the accompanying audio files.  Jeshua rewired and reset; Emerald opened my 'new' heart space up.  I started working with the Lilac Dragon bottle and listening to the audio files this week.  I got through the first two files, including your conversation with Melissie,  and promptly fell into a very deep sleep for 3 hours! Very profound.  I really resonated with your saying that with the Lilac Dragon, there is a coming into balance,  a bringing the Sacred and the earthly together.  As you said in the audio programme, 'Love is the power that brings about massive change'.  It has and still is.  Watch this space.  Korani, thank you, and Namaste.  ~ Karen“Korani's programme is amazing!  Hard to put into words - so much love and Jeshua and heart fire in it all.  Will be listening to it again - letting the light language come in. Thanks Korani, it is wonderful - really good to be in such energy.” ~  Caroline

“What can I say, it is wonderful, I fell asleep the first time round and woke up after it was all over!!  A little later I put it on again, and the second time around everything was even more amplified.  Thank you Korani, it’s a beautiful gift.  The meditations affected me differently again the next time, I know that I was in the ascended masters realms, just flying around with Jeshua in soft purples and golds. The light language did something else again, I felt as if my forehead was shining with light and everything was so quiet….it was blissful. I was really stretched and tall with my body full of soft golds and pinks floating around the cosmos."  ~ Gursharan

“When it arrived in the post I held the Heart Fire bottle for a while as I was so excited about it.  I have been using it every day.  Not even a week and it is nearly gone!  It is full promises and magic.  There is a sense of wonder that everything is possible.  There is a feeling of releasing what keeps us small [limiting beliefs or fears] through the Teacher [the higher heart], of burning, cleansing through the alchemical process to remember our original state which is pure love.”  ~ Diane

"I am still enjoying the deep resonant support that connecting with my true heart centre of natural expansion and love expression has brought. Using the essences to support the meditations is such a delight, they invite you into connecting with your true response to the suggestions.  This stuff is not just in the moment of the meditation, it becomes a heart felt challenge for every moment that follows the information and guidance that your heart is informing you with and I love that it will never let you down, how can it, your heart is your own inner guru best friend :) This programme is designed to encourage you to do just that, connecting with hugely powerful energies that call you to this depth of integral truth and deep communion with our multi layered existence. Thank you dear Korani once again for following your heart and guidance into sharing your delicious wisdom with us." ~ Clara

"An initial stirring of passion, bathed in love, clothed in deep relaxation and peace before embarking on a journey of fire-stoked creativity!  What was there as a germ of an idea has been fanned and fed until it has become a project for the foreseeable future.  Life changing?  I think so... watch this space!" ~ Sarah C

"Wow, what an experience... I chose to listen to them all in a row (as I had time and was by myself, which is rare!). It was so powerful that I had to get straight into bed afterwards and sleep for an hour and a half! :-) It was very beautiful and I have felt it working through me since I did it (including some very interesting dreams!). I will try to listen to the recordings again this week as I can tell that there is so much there.  My physical heart feels strong and calm, though, which is wonderful!  Thank you again for the joyous work you do!  I am so grateful!!"~ Aimee

"I am loving the development and connecting with these Heart Fire energies. It feels as though they help a layer peel back, the illusion of what we believe is real to what 'Is'. The connection of Truth and your audios are a wonderful deepening to the practice, allowing us to access our higher selves, the Energies and Councils who are all there to guide us on our journey through Creation." ~ Kate

From the moment I opened my parcel containing the Heart Fire essence, I knew that it was going to be a truly magical experience. When I had seen it at a Starlight weekend a few weeks before, it was shimmering and gleaming at me playfully enticing me to go on a journey with it, if I dared to, actually it was more of a playful invitation into my future self.

The same day, and 3 days before the audio programme actually started, sat with it, looking at it, eventually spraying it.  It was warm and magical and exciting and vibrant and you just know when something is so right for you at that time. I was ready to go on a journey with my heart and for all of me.  For my future, for my own self, for my business, for Love. It has been said for some time now that the key to everything is through the power to Love and Love again, and this is certainly true.

It has had the most amazing impact on my life, so far.  I had quite a severe and shocking experience as a young child that left me feeling a deep shock and trauma, and I now know that from that point I felt ever unsafe and I completely shut my heart down from that moment on, not allowing for it to be accessed fully at all. I had been in love and had relationships and got married and had children, however I now know there was a fundamental conditionality to it. That I would allow someone in some of the way and yet never truly trust and allow total love to come to me. Of course, everyone I drew to me was the same as it was like for like energy.

Listening to Korani's audio programme over the 4 weeks allowed me to feel into this and heal what happened and now my heart has definitely been able to open up to Love as never experienced before.  Apart from transforming how I felt 35 years ago, it has changed the way I feel about things in every moment on the basis that my heart is open now.  For if you can Love in every moment, or begin to ... well that's a phenomenal gift that you give to yourself and a peaceful, joyful journey every day.

Tangibly I can also tell you that a few minutes into sitting with the essence I had a business idea.  I had been tussling with trying to find someone to design and build my website and how was I going to finance it in order to get my business off the ground, when suddenly it came to me, the words 'Do it yourself!'... and so I did.  In those moments it has transformed the experience from being a complete technophobe to attracting the right person to help mentor me and now having the ability to build another website again and again and even giving guidance to others.  It tapped into the hidden talents within me, allowing me to access them. It has transformed my business!

As if I needed any more rewards, within 5 days of starting the 4 week audio programme I met someone who is truly magical. Whatever happens, I have accessed a gateway into beauty and a freedom to share and Love.  I have never known the ability to connect with someone like this is unfolding. Wow!
I am going to do the audio again from the start as I feel there is still more that I can access.  I downloaded it onto my ipod and was able to listen whenever I could, which again helped in it flowing into my life. This is phenomenal and I haven't truly covered all of the consequential benefits it will bring me...for who knows where it will take me as I tap into Love and the Wisdom within my Heart Fire.  ~ Sarah W