On this page you'll find details of existing audio programmes and webinars, and any upcoming audio events.

Audio Programmes

We don't always have time to attend all the wonderful workshops and seminars happening around the globe, nor is it always feasible.  Yet we don't want to miss out - this is where Audio Programmes come in!  Available to download at the click of a button, you can then listen in whenever it suits you and work through the audios in your own time.  There's also something rather potent about sitting quietly and allowing the words and energy of an audio to wash over you as it takes you on an inner journey.  Feedback I've been receiving is that audios are a powerful and wonderful way to explore and discover more of your true self.

Alchemy of the Heart Fire Audio Programme

Heart fire smallerThis audio is the Alchemy of the Heart Fire programme, a burst of heart-fire love to power up your life.  It will ignite your capacity to live and love and create from the fire-power of your heart.

Now more than ever we are called to live from our hearts, to fire the engine of love that will create and power the new evolving planet. With the heart fire flame truly lit and activated from within we can be all that we came here to be and so much more. We can light a flame of love to ignite and transform the planet!

Alchemy of the Heart Fire is a four-part audio series designed to be taken over 4 consecutive weeks, supported by 4 optional but astonishing "special" essences from Colour Mirrors.  Anyone anywhere can take part any time, as the programme is completely audio based. You do not need to be a Colour Mirrors practitioner to take part and no knowledge of colour is required. This course is open to ANYONE who feels drawn to re-connect, re-align, re-engage, re-awaken, regenerate the heart flame within.

Visit Heart Fire Alchemy to find out more.


Webinars are great tools for bringing us together and sharing information, events and experiences.  Anyone anywhere in the world can listen in to a webinar so long as you have access to the internet.  A webinar is like an online audio-visual seminar or workshop that you can take part in from your own home.  If you can't make it at the time the webinar is broadcast you can still listen in whenever it suits as you'll receive the recordings of the seminars which can then be replayed as often as you wish. Webinars are easy to register for and require very little in the way of technical know-how to take part in with simple clear instructions emailed to you prior to the event. 

Visit the Webinars page for details of webinars you can purchase to bring more colour, light and spirit into your life.