This workshop is for both those new to CM and 'old hands' alike. If you're new, this will be the chance for some extra support and guidance to get your practice off the ground. If you're a more experienced practitioner or teacher this is an ideal opportunity to refresh and inspire your existing practice and come away with new ideas and skills.

This is your chance to iron out any issues you may be having around working as a practitioner or teacher and to ask questions, get guidance and mentoring, and enjoy the benefits of being in a group who are passionate about colour and CM.
Event Date 30-04-2016 9:30 am
Event End Date 30-04-2016 4:30 pm
Cut off date 30-04-2016
Individual Price £100.00

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Quantum lasers are tools of potent light that, as the name suggests, offer focused and precise healing, transformation and expansion for all levels of our being, using quantum 'scalar' and red, infra-red and violet laser light technology.  They are wonderful tools for clearing stress and tension and bringing a sense of rejuvenation and wellness.  The more we use them, the more they bring us into deeper connection with the light we carry inside and the more they enable us to overcome blockages and limitations and transcend them. The lasers themselves don't 'heal' us - they offer our cells and our beings coherent photonic light and energy which our bodies can then use to regenerate, heal, grow and repair.  But so much more than this, they enable and awaken, expand and 'en-lighten' our very beings - if we are ready to open to the possibilities awaiting us.

This session will give you a brief demonstration of the uses of laser technology and let you experience it for yourself.  There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions you have.

Find out more about scalar waves and lasers here.


Event Date 30-04-2016 4:45 pm
Event End Date 30-04-2016 5:30 pm
Cut off date 30-04-2016
Individual Price Free

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

This is a brand new workshop from Melissie Jolly and Korani and is open to anyone who feels called to be there - anyone who is ready to take the next step... through the Gateway...

The 36-strand DNA activation will be a completion of a cycle of old beliefs and patterns that will never be able to be revisited.  That time is done.  The Buddha Body and the Christed soul are now coming together as one and nothing can be the same again.

This is a one-day activation weaving together the Starlights with the scalar wave in a union of earth with heaven, matter with spirit, human with Divine.

We are blessed to have found a beautiful and peaceful space in which to experience the activations and we know this is going to be an extra-special day!

Further details below.
Event Date 19-06-2016 10:30 am
Event End Date 19-06-2016 4:30 pm
Cut off date 17-06-2016
Individual Price £100.00

This "Starlight Experience" workshop is a guided journey into the starlight realms with the support of 19 specially created beautiful Colour Mirrors oils and essences.  It will assist you in opening to your higher aspects so that you can bring them more easily and powerfully into your everyday life right here on the earth.

This workshop is about opening to the limitless light that you are.  It will connect you with the sparkling, crystalline light of the stars and assist you in bringing key qualities into your daily life:  love, peace, joy, freedom, rapture, magic, infinite beingness, connection, divine perception, creativity, radiance and innocence.

It will be a life-enhancing experience!

Event Date 25-06-2016 10:00 am
Event End Date 25-06-2016 4:30 pm
Cut off date 24-06-2016
Individual Price £100.00
These monthly gatherings are for people to come together for meditation, sharing, connecting and opening to the new energies we are experiencing in these powerful and amazing times.
These sessions tend to feature the beautiful Colour Mirrors bottles and the Starlights but we also bring in whatever else feels appropriate at the time and the sessions are often a co-creation of whoever is there on the day.
The gatherings are open to anyone who feels called to be there.  Once you have booked you will be sent details of the address, directions and parking.
Event Date 13-07-2016 10:30 am
Event End Date 13-07-2016 12:00 pm
Individual Price £8.00